Identifying Alenco aluminum window parts

A home owner from Houston says:
We recently purchased a house with single-hung, single-pane, Alenco aluminum windows that have no visible number and need to replace the white vinyl glazing beads, weatherstripping on the bottom sash, and some of the channel balances. In order to remove the sash, it appears a part above has to be unscrewed rather than just flipped open as shown in videos for removing sashes. The house was built in 1997, and we think the windows date to that time. Could you please help us identify the correct parts for 1) vinyl glazing beads 2) weatherstripping on the bottom sash, and 3) channel balances so that we can place an order? The last photo is a small sample of the black weatherstripping along the bottom of the sash. Thank you, James
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

I'm afraid I can't possibly tell from these pictures what seal and glazing bead you mean. Alenco windows have been known to use our 58-127 or 58-183 Weatherstripping, but you'd need to compare the end profile to see if either is what you need. For Glazing, some Alenco windows use the 55-161, but again, comparing the cross-section view would be best. 

It looks like you have spiral balances in this window. If this is a non-tilt window, then to remove your balance, follow these steps: first, unscrew the balance from the top of the jamb, and then carefully unhook the balance attachments from the bottom of the sash. I suggest using needle-nose pliers to keep a good grip since it could still be under tension. Once the balance is loose, you should be able to pull it through the top of the jamb.

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