Right Hand Inswing door handle

A quick learner from Keene NH says:
Model 40-028 Is there a right hand and left handle for a inswing door?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
You can actually flip the handle of the 40-028 to work on either the left or right hand side, as necessary.
A home owner from PA says:

I have a 1" thick aluminum storm door that swings in. If I'm looking at the door from the inside of my sunroom, the door's hinges are located on the left side. My existing 40-028 type hardware (no manufacturer's name printed on it) therefore is mounted on the right side of the door. When I pull the door inward, the lever is designed to be opened with your left hand.

I want to replace my existing hardware because the exterior faceplate is cracked. All of the photos for the 40-028 show that it is exactly like my existing hardware. However, the schematic shows that the 40-028 would need to be mounted on the left side of the storm door (looking out from inside).

On 4/9/15, Tom from Swisco answered an email entitled, "Right Hand Inswing door handle" from "a quick learner from Keene, NH." He said you can flip the inside handle either to the right or left. This doesn't work as the handle's notch for the interior slide lock must be located at the 6 o'clock position. If you turn the interior handle the other way, there is no notch for the interior slide to fit into (the notch would now be at the 12 o'clock position) and the handle won't fit into the interior faceplate.

I want to order the 40-028, but I want to make sure it is exactly as shown in the photos and not the schematic. Please verify.

Also, is there a 3/4" diameter "punch out" on the exterior faceplate that can be drilled out to accept the existing cylinder lock? Thanks for your help (and sorry the email is so long, but describing it was a little involved).


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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I think I understand what you mean. The 40-028 should still work. When we say you flip the handle around, we mean you flip the whole handle assembly around. Refer to the image below, which we include in the 40-028 instructions. I've personally installed the 40-028 in the past on both left and right in-swing. All you need to do is flip the handle like the image above.
Instructions for the in-swing door handle set.
A home owner from PA says:
Hi Dave Sr -
Thanks for the reply. Aside from turning the just the handle "upside down," I had also thought of turning the entire assembly "upside down" to mount it on the left side of the door (if you're inside looking out). However, I wasn't sure if the inside "slide button" would stay at the 12 o'clock (open) position and not accidentally (with gravity or the door slamming shut, etc.) slide down to the 6 o'clock position and inadvertently lock itself. If the assembly is designed to be mounted on either side of the door as you say, then I would think this wouldn't be an issue. The drawing you attached shows this much clearer than the schematic from the original April 2015 email.

*** The only remaining question is whether the exterior faceplate can be "drilled out" to accept my existing 3/4" diameter cylinder lock, thus making it a keyed door handle? ***

[Just an aside: Any idea as to why no one makes this type of door handle assembly anymore that already comes with the cylinder lock (Ie. a keyed door handle)? I know they were once popular, but I looked all over and it seems nobody makes these now and trying to find a non-wafer cylinder lock to retro fit it is pretty much impossible if you don't already have one].


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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

I see you concern about the lock, but it has a bit of resistance when you lock and unlock it. You shouldn't have to worry about getting locked out. 

As for the key cylinder, I'm not sure if the one you have now is compatible. There seem to be enough differences between our handle set and your original that it gives me pause. The original key cylinder designed for the 40-028 is discontinued and is no longer available. I'm afraid they don't really make these as much as they used to.

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