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A quick learner from Ohio says:
I have purchased an armoire through Craig's List so I don't know the manufacturer or the place of purchase. I am told it is 3 years old. The two drawer sockets need to be replaced for the drawers to fit properly. One socket has split and the other has completely broken off at the corners and the prongs are missing. I have been trying to find replacement parts and the Kenlin socket looks the closest to this product on the armoire. The dimensions are almost identical. The biggest difference is that there are only two screw holes - there is no hole in the middle. That space is covered with raised plastic to accommodate the slightly raised metal glide attachment on the drawer, and is stamped with the word "ANTILLON". I can find no reference to this word on google as it relates to furniture, drawers, sockets, etc. Do you know if this is the same product? Will the Kenlin socket work? Would the heavy duty piece with the metal reinforcement prevent the splitting at the corner/future breakage?
Thanks for your help!
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Kenlin replacement parts are specifically for Kenlin track systems for drawers, we would be happy to research the hardware you are looking for, please send us detailed photos with measurements.
A quick learner from Ohio says:
I have attached several photos of the drawer socket and case runner that were attached to the drawer in the armoire that I purchased. They look very similar to the Kenlin product. The dimensions are almost identical. I measured them with the same dimensions that you have on your website. The width of the Antillon drawer socket that I have is 1 7/8". The height is 1 17/32". The interior dimensions are identical. The measurements of the case runner are also very similar. The width is 1 1/8" at the widest point. The narrow width is 5/8". The length is 1 7/8". The height from the side (or depth, depending on how you look at it) is 19/32". The width of the narrow block on the back is 13/32". In all cases the dimensions seem to only be off by 1/32", which may be in how I measured.

I could find no reference to the "Antillon" product in an internet search. I have sent an email to the people from whom I purchased the armoire to see if they could tell me where they purchased it, or who the manufacturer is, and I have not received a response.

I would appreciate any help you can give me. I really want to replace the drawer sockets on the two drawers of the armoire. One is completely broken, the other is breaking and probably won't last long. I am hoping the Kenlin product will work. It looks almost identical to what is currently on the drawers, and I can find nothing else that seems like it will work. I'm hoping I won't have to completely replace the drawer slides.

Thank you for your help. I'll look forward to hearing back from you.

Tracy K.
Customer image of their Antillon drawer parts.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Hi Tracy,
Thank you for contacting us with detailed photos and description of the needed drawer parts. Unfortunately I have never seen these parts and I honestly do not know if the Kenlin parts will substitute. Please let us know if the original owner of the furniture gets back to you with the name of the manufacturer of the armoire, this may be able to lead us in the right direction.
A quick learner from Ohio says:
Donna, Thank you for your response. I have not heard back from the folks who sold the armoire to me. I doubt that I will at this point. I did notice that on the back of the armoire there are the words "Mu Delsa" with what looks like a date, "15-05-06". It also says, "Made in Mexico". I searched "Mu Delsa" on the internet and found nothing. I'm guessing that may be the manufacturer. Has anyone heard of this? I think I may try the Kenlin product and see if it works. What is your return policy if it does not? Thanks again. - Tracy
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
I'll keep working on this, and please let us know how you make out with the Kenlin parts if you decide to try them out. Here is a link to view our Return Policy
A quick learner from Ohio says:
Tracy - I have had the same problem with the plastic parts you describe. Was wondering if you tried the Kenlin parts and how they worked out? Dave
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Dave, does your drawer hardware have the name 'Antillon' stamped on it?
A quick learner from Ohio says:
Dave (and Paul from SWISCO) - The drawer hardware I had in the armoire that I purchased from Craig's List had "Antillon" stamped on it and I could find nothing out there about "Antillon" to replace the parts. The closest option I found was the Kenlin product. I purchased the Kenlin parts and I am using them on the armoire. The parts are ever so slightly different and it took a while to get the drawers in place. However, I did make it work and the replacement sockets and case runners seem to be working well so far. It's a snug fit, so the drawers don't slide effortlessly, but as I keep using them, they seem to be loosening up a bit and moving more freely. Hope that helps, Dave.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for your reply. I tried but I could not find out anything more about Antillon drawer hardware. I am glad to hear that you got the Kenlin parts to work as a replacement.
A quick learner from Hamilton, N.J. 08690 says:
Paul from SWISCO The photos from Tracy K are the exact parts I need as well. Could you show me the Kenlin parts your company sold to Paul. I would like to purchase them as well. I also think I could make them work. Thanks for all your info.

Anthony R.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Anthony, take a look at the 32-076 Kenlin case runner and the 32-081 Kenlin drawer socket.
A quick learner from Ohio says:
Anthony, I purchased the 32-076 Kenlin case runner and the 32-082 Kenlin heavy duty drawer socket to replace the parts pictured above. They Kenlin products look almost identical to the original parts, but are slightly different in some measurements. The drawers may be more snug because I purchased the heavy duty socket and there isn't as much "give". But I'm hoping that the extra reinforcement will help the parts last longer. So far, everything is working pretty well. - Tracy
A quick learner from San Antonio, TX says:
Needing to replace the runner and the brad on the drawer. See pictures, will the kenlin case runner set work?


User submitted photo of the drawer hardware.
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Donna from SWISCO responded:
Good Morning Leslie,

It looks like you have the Antillon hardware. I tried to lighten up the one image of the drawer socket with the name stamped on it, but it was still too hard to make out the name. Make sure that name is Antillon.

I placed your discussion with the rest of the Antillon hardware discussions. Read through this whole discussion, it will give you a better idea about your parts and how to go about replacing them.
A home owner from Denver, CO says:
I have a dresser, also made in Mexico, with center undermount glides. The Antillon part that is broken on my drawer is the upper right photo from the last post. This part is attached to the back of the glide and prevents the drawer from falling out when it is pulled more than halfway out. I have ordered the two Kenlin parts and I'll figure out how to make this work! So glad to find this thread - and the photos!
A quick learner from Toronto, ON says:

I ordered the 32-081 Kenlin Drawer Socket to replace my broken Antillon Socket and it worked perfectly. Order with confidence.

I also tried the Heavy Duty Socket, but the metal bracket does not easily go over the OEM rail as it was attached to my drawer. The Antillon Socket is notched out on the back to fit its own rail.

As a result, the Kenlin Socket had a little flex/bend a bit to accomodate the OEM rail, but it works great.

A quick learner from estero, fl says:
The name on this part is antlion i believe. its approx 1 15/16 wide, and the opening that fit's on the rail is like 1 1/8th. it has two holes that are also approx 11/8th apart. On the back it has a square indent to fit over the bump that sticks out from the metal tab that holds the rail. any more question please call or email me. Jim
User submitted photos of a drawer guide.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, thanks for posting. I've just placed you into an existing discussion regarding this hardware. Take a look at the suggestions above and let me know what you think.
A quick learner from Las Vegas says:
This Antillon part, whoever made it, sure has failed for ALL of us :) glad to have found this string for possible replacement with Kenlin part, I'll order and see if my Dad can work his magic... also bought dresser on Craigs list,, drawer comes right out because of broken whatever it is,, looks exactly like pic of Antillon part pictured in string above
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Great! I'm glad that this information was able to help you. You may also be interested in our new tutorial video, which showcases the best way to install this hardware.
A quick learner from Minnesota says:
Thank you for the thread! I have also been trying to find Antillon replacement parts for the dresser we have. This was really helpful!
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