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A quick learner from Brookfield, Wisconsin says:

Our house was built in the mid 1960's. The windows were replaced with Marvin Windows some time in the early 1980's. Many of our casement windows need new arms. I have attached a picture of a couple of the arms I removed from windows. They are marked Entry Guard Truth.

The Left arm (with the locks on the left) are marked 20810 and 30470LH on the large arm and 30841L on the short, hinged arm.

The Right arm (with locks on the right) are marked 20810 and 30472RH on the large arm and R30842 on the short, hinged arm.

As far as I can tell, it seems like the replacement arms in need are 39-031 and 39-032. Could you please take a look and see if I am right? The screw holes seem like they are not going to match up. Could you also verify which of the new parts are for the Right and which are for the Left?

I would also like to replace all of the regular handles with folding handles. My question to you is, do they work as well as the standard handles and take the same number of turns to open the window? The parts I am looking at are 39-375 and 39-376. Could you please verify which of those if for the Left and Right?

Thank you!

Gina Kurtz

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for posting. I agree, our 39-031 and 39-032 look like they match up very well. I would just double check to be sure that the dimensions are the same.

39-375 and 39-376 will not work for these operators. These have left and right oriented handles, but if you look at our 39-031 and 39-032, you'll note that their handles are centered. If you want a nesting handle/cover combo, you'll need to use our 39-107FK. The bad news is, it does not come with a left or right hand version.

As for the number of turns, it takes the same amount as any other handle. The amount of turning required to open a casement window has little to do with the handle itself and everything to do with the operator.

Finally, you asked about left and right. That's a tough question to answer;  "Left" and "Right" handed operators are actually defined differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some companies define it by what side the operator sits on, others define it by what side the handle sits on, while others may define it by the direction in which the window opens. There really is no industry standard.

Don't think about it in terms of Left or Right. You'll be better off if you ignore those terms entirely. The best way for you to determine what operator you need is to compare your hardware to the pictures we have on our site. Does the arm face the same direction? What side are the gears on? What side has the bore?

A quick learner from Brookfield, Wisconsin says:
Thanks for the response.

I am a bit confused by the nesting handle not coming with a left or right hand version. Since some of my windows open one direction and some open in the opposite direction, does this mean I won't be able to use the 39-107FK? For esthetic reasons, it doesn't matter to me if the handle sits in the middle of the unit or to one side. I just want to be sure it can open the window in either direction.

One final question: some of our operators that do not need to be replaced have worn out rollers on the arm that fits into the sash. Can I replace just the roller?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for the reply. The handed-orientation of the operator doesn't have anything to do with the design of the 39-107FK; this is determined by the configuration of the operator itself, i.e. the orientation of the link arms. What I meant was that the 39-107FK will look the same regardless of what side of the window the operator itself is connected to; but it will work fine for both handed-orientations. 

I am afraid the rollers at the end of the operators are not meant to be sold separately; unfortunately, when they break, the entire operator needs to be replaced. Let me know if this all makes sense to you, and if you have any questions just ask again. Many thanks! 

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