Looking to replace the weather stripping on my Caradco windows

A quick learner from St. Louis, Missouri says:
I'm very happy that I've found your site... I even sent the site to family members.
I told them it's a 'First Place to Look' for homeowners needing specialized Repair or Replacement items.

I'm interested in replacing weather stripping on my 'Caradco' windows which I've had no luck in finding till I looked on your site.

I enclosed photos taken with my iPad... also the time frame of when the windows were installed.

I'm excited with the prospects of actually finding (hopefully, original replacement) weather stripping.

I'm hoping with the detailed information about my 'Caradco' windows there will be some way for you to help me by cross-referencing the info I sent to find the correct Weather Stripping. The windows in these next photos were installed in a new addition in 1984 and appear to use the same 1/4" Bubble/Tube type weather strip at all 3 places on the window. It is not Foam Filled, although I considered switching to the Foam Filled W. stripping.
User image of their deteriorating Caradco weatherstripping.
Above) This weather strip is at the center of the top & bottom sash and is badly deteriorated... what is not falling to pieces has begun to turn sticky & gummy. I have 8 of the Caradco windows in the home... 4 were installed in 1984/1985 are Alum. Clad.
Stamp found on the glass of their Caradco window (CARADCO 716)
This 1984 window above shows "CARADCO 716" stamped on the inside and will possibly help to determine the correct replacement weather stripping.
User's Caradco window weatherstripping falling apart.
Above) Weather stripping on the bottom of lower sash is separating from the spine that secures it within the window.
User's Caradco weather stripping with measurements.
To allow the stripping to hold it's shape and to gauge it's size these 3 pieces from top, middle and bottom of sashes...I slid them over a 1/4" (.25") drill bit. Although the 3 pieces are from the same window...the 2 pcs. on the right fit loose... but the piece on the left (marked Bott.) is a snug fit.
Image of the sweep lock keeper on their Caradco window
This photo is of an older Caradco window installed in the main house in 1982/1983.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Good afternoon! Thank you so much for recommending our site to others. It makes us all happy to know that we can help so many people with their home improvement projects.

Now, as for this weatherstripping, have you seen our 58-053? This looks very similar to your own sample. It's not foam, but to be honest the difference between foam and hollow bubble is negligible. They each do their job just as well as the other.
A quick learner from Charlotte NC says:
My windows are a 5 years younger than the above but am sure the product I need is the 58-053. I have 25 windows to replace. My question is in ordering.
Is each unit on the order quantity a 25 ft. section? That is what I am unclear about.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yes, the 58-053 is sold in segments of 25'. A quantity of 1 constitutes a single length of 25'.
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