Mirror Closet Door Roller... see attached

A home owner from Hialeah, FL says:
Hi there really hope you can help me out.
I need to purchase this roller but can't seem to find it anywhere. Please let me know how much it would cost. I hope the pics & drawing help identify it... the only marking is 138-R.

Great site BTW

User submitted photos of a closet door roller.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Joe. Thank you! I think you should consider our 81-090 roller assembly. Please note that our wheel is a 1-1/8" steel ball bearing wheel. There shouldn't be a problem with that, except you might have to adjust the wheel up slightly. If you want the 1-1/4" nylon wheel, you will also need the 81-228 wheel and 81-304 axle install on the 81-090.
A professional from California says:
You should be able to reuse your housing and axle with new 81-228. If any of the axles have worn into the housing, the housing will probably need replacing.
A quick learner from Hialeah,FL says:
Hi Paul, Thanks for your help in identifying a replacement for my roller. I see there are options to assemble what I currently use but I'm a bit confused. When you say use nylon roller 81-228 with axle 81-090 do I order it with those specs & you guys put it together or do I order the parts separately and I put it together? If I need to assemble it do you have instructions as how to remove the axles? as it stands right now the axle is axles are smashed on both sides & I cant remove it. Also, How can I smash it once I reassemble? do I use a hammer or something else. Again, Thanks for all your help!

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you again for your patience, Joe. I'm afraid we haven't found an exact match for this roller. The closest we have is our 23-043, We're hoping the flares would help make up for the difference in width. What do you think?
A professional from CA says:
If you remove the adjustment screw the inside part should pivot allowing the axle to slide out the bottom. Tap the axle out. In a pinch, I set the roller on a socket (from a socket wrench) that supports the center of the wheel but allows the axle to fall through. Reverse to put the old axle in a new wheel and the new wheel in the housing.
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