Mirrored bifold doors uneven on track

A quick learner from Chicago says:

I've installed hollow core bifold doors twice in my home before, so I'm familiar with the process. But both of those times I had brand new framing where things were plumb and square. This time around I have existing framing that is not plumb.

I have old 36" Stanley mirrored bifold doors in my bathroom. The guide door's top pivot was popping off the track. I ordered the low profile tracks because the old tracks looked a little bent. Now that I installed the new tracks I still have the same issue.

1. Floor is level. Track sits flat.
2. Top header is level. Track sits flat.
3. Distance from top track to bottom track is 79.5" for left, center and right measurements.
4. Pivot door sits fine. The pivot is lifted as high as it can go.
5. The guide door slumps about 1/2" below the top track and the top pivot pops out of the roll guide when the door is closed.
6. Because the framing is not plumb, I moved the top track back to follow the guide door's top pivot movement thinking there was too much tension. That did not help.
7. The only way I got the top pivot to stay in the roll guide was by inserting the pivot into the hole in the door only halfway by rotating it so that it didn't slide into the hole.

I don't have pictures at the moment, but I can submit some if necessary.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I had a couple ideas of what the problem may be.

I see that your top and bottom are level. I'm wondering if your side jambs are plumb? Did you try to adjust the pivot brackets at the corners of the top and bottom track? Try moving them one way or another to keep the door on the track.

Could it also be that the doors are a little too short? If that's the case, install some wood strips under the tracks to make the opening smaller, enough to make up the difference.

Finally, check the hinges where the doors meet. Are the hinges in good shape?

If you send us a couple photos it could help us recommend a solution.
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