Non-tilt Window Channel balance ID

A home owner from North Port, FL says:
Please see the uploaded photos.

I want to identify my balances so I am sure to get the right part. My window is 24" x 36" x 1/4". I calculated that my window weighs about 18 pounds. My balances are marked 3420. The metal channel not including the top or foot measures 34.5". But, on the order page when I select the 34" size, the stamp options are listed as 33xx where xx is the last two digits. I plan to order the 3x30 since the original 3420 balance broke after only a year or so.

Also, the picture on the web site (34-Series-395/pd/Series-395-Channel-Balances/S395-34)shows model 15-001 shoe which is similar to my shoe. But, I note that my show has tabs/guides on either side. The 15-001 picture does not show tabs.

So, my question is, can I order the one with the 3330 stamp and still get the correct balance?
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! This is not the S385-35, this is a special type of balance that will need to be custom made. This shouldn't be an issue, as this isn't terribly uncommon. I just want to clear up a few details before we continue.

Let's start with the length. Can you confirm the exact size of the metal channel? This kind of balance usually ends on the 5/8", not 1/2". Based on your stamp, it should be 34-5/8". Let me know.

You also say that the current balance broke after only a year, which makes me think the 3420 spring strength option is not strong enough. Can you tell me the exact weight of your sash? It would be best to place it on a scale to get the weight, that way we can know exactly what strength will work for you.

Finally, please tell me how many you need.
A home owner from North Port, FL says:
Thanks for the reply, Tom.

It looks like you are correct. After putting on my reading glasses and measuring the metal channel for the third time, it is indeed 34+5/8". Looks like measuring twice didn't do it this time. ;-)

As for the sash, it weighs just at 20 pounds.

For now I only need two, One for the left side and one for the right on one window.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Awesome, I appreciate the clarification. That makes a lot more sense now, and it also makes things a lot easier moving forward.

I'm also glad you confirmed the weight of your sash. It appears your earlier suspicions were well founded; a stamp of 3420 is only meant to hold sashes weighing 12 through 17 pounds! I think we should bump you up to the 3430 option, which is for sashes weighing 17 through 22 pounds. This aligns with your original request, but I just wanted to double check that this is okay before we proceed.

Once you confirm, I'll go ahead and email you a custom product that you can add to your cart and you'll be all set!
A home owner from North Port, FL says:
Thanks again, Tom. Yes, I am ready to order. Please forward to custom product information.

Best regards,
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I've just emailed you the custom product link. Thanks again for considering us, and please let us know how it works out!
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