Part number help for kitchen drawer roller shelf

A home owner from Cincinnati, OH says:
Hello. I am looking for a replacement part for an existing kitchen drawer assembly. I don't have much information on the assembly, as I did not install it. But it should be pretty straight forward:
I am looking for the rear L bracket that the drawer roller guide rests in. This L bracket screws into the back of the cabinet. The other end which sticks out has two ridges that serve as a groove for the roller guide to rest in for support. NOTE: When the drawer is fully closed, the back of the drawer does not touch this plastic piece. It is purely there as support for the roller guide.

The pictures above show the rear left L bracket. Pictures 1 and 2 show the existing piece as it would sit when looking inside the cabinet. As you can see, the existing piece is cracked. Picture 3 shows how the roller guide assembly fits inside the grooves. You can also see that the roller guide is about 1" width, so the grooves must allow the 1" guide to fit snugly.

The plastic bracket doesn't have a part number on it. But the roller guide that fits into it states "PMI-OM566L" (for left roller). I heard this might be Peter Meier?

A few additional points/questions:
1. This part is plastic, and obviously failed. Do they make steel versions of this part?
2. If you don't have an exact part replacement, do you have something that would work? Note that the horizontal opening where it screws into the back of cabinet is exactly in the middle of the grooves, so this would need to match as well.
3. If you have a suitable part, do you have any local distributors in Cincinnati so I can ensure it will work before I purchase the item. I will need several of them, as they are all cracking.

Thank you for your help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately your rear drawer guide is no longer made. The manufacturers don't make rear drawer guides for your track in metal, either. That said, others in your situation have substituted it with our 32-119. Take a look and see what you think.

We do not have any outlets in your area, but you can purchase this part directly from our site, if you wish.
A home owner from Cincinnati, OH says:
Hi Paul, thank you for the response.
When I look at Part # 32-119, the 2nd picture shows a side angle view. It looks from this picture like the groove width tapers down to something less than the 31/32" shown at the inlet. Can you clarify this? My roller guide is almost 1", so it couldn't fit into anything less than the 31/32".

Also, the picture looks like the groove angles downward. Is this the case, or is the groove straight (and just misleading from the picture)?

Thank you.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I see what you're saying. I wouldn't worry about it, the socket has a lip that folds over at an angle, but that's just the design of the mold. The socket itself is straight and uniform in size.
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