Patio Door Track Cover (80-103)

A quick learner from Ocean City, N.J. says:
I've been putting these covers on my glass patio door track for the last 6-7 years and find that they last about a year or 2 before they begin to flay and have to be replaced.

What can be done (if anything)to keep this from happening?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Sounds like the problem may not be with the track. In what condition are the rollers? It's possible that they are the source of your problem.
A quick learner from Ocean City, N.J. says:
Will take your advice and inspect the rollers. If they are worn/frozen, I'll remove one and take a .jpg of it and e-mail it to you. I trust you'll have the replacements that may be needed.

Thanks for your help.
A professional from California says:
I've replaced tandem rollers in doors where all 4 rollers are are worn all the way to the ball bearings with zero damage to the SS cap. If they are flattening out it is probably because the rail that the door is sitting on is too short to support it - or missing large chunks. The rail must be at least as tall as the SS cap. Short dips or gaps are OK. The 1/4" cap is not meant to support the door's weight. The taller SS caps are much stronger, but are too tall for some applications.
A quick learner from Ocean City N,J, says:
Reference: D40361

Took your advice. I removed the door and examined the rollers. They both spin free but are wobbly. Seems like the wheel bearings have too much "play," probably caused by normal wear and tear.

Do you think the roller "wobble" could cause the track cap to flay over time?

BYW, as best as I can tell, the roller type is most likely 81-112 (your code).

Your reply is appreciated.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Ah, that explains it. If the bearings are worn out, causing the wheels to wobble, then that likely has damaged your track. You should probably replace both the rollers and the track. I cannot confirm that the 81-112 is a match, but if you can remove it and take a few pictures of it then I would be happy to find the best match from our catalog.
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