Pivot Shoe and Pivot Bar part numbers needed.

A quick learner from Vienna, VA says:
I have two broken parts, the pivot shoe(on the left side of the window) and the part coming out of the window which
fits into it. I am not seeing a pivot bar that looks like it on your website yet
I take to pictures of the pivot shoe on the right side where it is not broken. However, now after measuring it it appears to be
Pivot Shoe, 17/32" Thick
Product Code: 15-015.

The pivot bar (or whatever it is called) has give to it so it appears to pressing into a spring.
I broke the left side pivot bar in the window. I took pictures of the
pivot bar sticking out of the right unbroken side from a front view and a side
view. I also included a picture of the remaining broken piece left in the window.

The broken remants has this
58002 beginning on side
8276 3 on the other side in the other direction.
I have not found the remaining piece of the broken pivot bar?
User submitted photos of window hardware.
A quick learner from Vienna, VA says:
The part of the pivot bar sticking out of the window is
about 11/16 wide then it narrows to about 9/32 where it fits in the Blue Cam of the Pivot show. You can see from the picture it is a hollowed out rectangle where it fits into the Blue Cam.
A quick learner from Vienna, VA says:
Looking further in your parts catalog
It is very similar to
Pivot bar, Slocomb
Product Code: 26-129
I am hoping you can confirm this is right part and
the it should mate with 15-015 Pivot Shoe.

A quick learner from Vienna, VA says:

Dave from your company indicated this when someone sent a picture similar to mine. So maybe, I would need to file the "ring" and the end of it also.

This looks like the older Slocomb tilt bar. Our 26-129 is the newer one. It takes a different shoe, however. What you could do is file off the "ring" around the end end of it to fit your tilt shoe cam.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I agree, the 26-129 appears close, though the end is different. Filing the "ring" down may be your only option. I'm afraid we don't have an exact match for your pivot bar.
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