Pivot Shoe and Spiral Balance

A quick learner from Cockeysville Maryland says:
The Pivot Shoe is about 1 inch x 2 inch x 3/8 inch as W x L x H.

The Spiral Balance is 38 and 3/8 inches long and its diameter is 3/8 inches.
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for writing in. For your pivot shoe, take a look at our 15-045 pivot Shoe. Go over the dimensions to confirm it matches what you need. For your spiral balance, if the outer tube is 38" long and 3/8" in diameter, see our S900-38. I can't be entirely certain whether you have a yellow or white color tip, so the best thing to do would be to weigh your window sash, then match that exact weight with one of the weight ranges listed alongside each Color Tip option on the S900-29 shop page. Let me know what you find.

A quick learner from Cockeysville Maryland says:
I remeasured the tube and found I miscalculated the length. It was between 28 and 29 inches. So I ordered S900-28 and 2 15-045 for both sides of window.

However, when I got the parts, I found the pivot shoe is NOT symmetrical. I don't know they will fit on both side of windows.

Later on, after I put the pivot shoe in the slot and started to balance the tension by using the Tilt Balance Tension Tool bought from Home Depot.

However, the size of pairs of tips is too big to fit in my tool. Even worse, later on, I found the length from top tips to the bottom of tube is too long to fit in the pivot shoe, and the tips of tube is too thick for the slot gap of that pivot shoe. Basically, there is no way to mount S900-28 into 15-045.

I am very disappointed with the order. It now delayed my work.

Also, when my order was shipped and you replied to this post, I never received "ANOTHER" email as it is said in the first email. I checked spam mail and did not find anything. It might be normal to miss one, but I missed both of emails.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the hardware you purchased. I'll do my best to address your concerns.

First, while the 15-045 is not symmetrical, it can still work on both sides of the window. There is nothing about its design that would prohibit its use on either side. As long as its dimensions match the dimensions of your old pivot shoe then it should work.

I cannot speak for why the tool you purchased didn't work for our balances. I don't know what Home Depot sells or if what you bought was even designed for our Series balance. The Series 900 is meant to work with a 75-006 charging tool.

As for the S900-28 not fitting on the 15-045, I recommend that you try that again. The 15-045 was specifically made to work with the Series 900. They were literally designed to go together. I just ran back and tried one out in the warehouse and they fit together comfortably. This may be related to your issue with the charging tool.

I also do not know why you're not receiving our emails. Everything seems to be working on our end, and for other customers who we've emailed. Is it possible that you accidentally unsubscribed to notifications for this thread?

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