Pivot shoes for spiral balance tilt windows

A home owner from Maryland says:
I have three vinyl replacement windows in the living with the same problem: none of the sashes will stay up. I've been doing some research on your site and am hoping to repair them myself rather than replace the windows.

I've removed one window so far and found they are spring balance, but all the pivot shoes are busted. I'm hoping to be able to charge the spring and replace the shoes and get a few more years out of the windows.

My problem is, I can't identify these pivot shoes in your inventory. I'm attaching a picture of two of them after I removed them, and also a picture with the other half which is still in the track (I need to order the charging tool to remove the entire thing.)

The only identifier I found on the shoe itself if this:


If I can't get this exact part, how can I identify a replacement shoe that would work? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I think you should look at our 15-015. This appears to be a newer version of your old shoe. Check it out and see what you think.
A home owner from Maryland says:
Thanks Paul. I ordered the charging tool and 4 of the 15-015 pivot shoes to try on one window, but unfortunately they are not quite right -- should have waited until I had the charging tool so I could completely remove the old shoes and get a look at the tops of them.

The size of the shoe itself seems right -- it fits perfectly in the channel. However, I can't get the end of the coil to fit in the shoe. I've attached pictures of the top of the old shoe (the grimy one on the left, obviously) next to the 15-015.

Do you have another suggestion for a replacement shoe now that the top of the old one is visible?

User submitted photos of window hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm not sure why our 15-015 won't work. Customers in the past have used it to replace the same exact shoe you have without issue. Watch the video below to get a better idea of how the spiral engages the shoe.
A home owner from Maryland says:
Thanks Tom,

I guess I needed more patience and more elbow grease -- I was expecting it to pop right in as in the video. Maybe it will do that on the next few windows now that I have a little more experience.

I've reassembled the window and the sashes both stay up, so success! I was wondering how I would know whether the spiral balance needs to be replaced, and now I am guessing the right side one does, because although the window stays up, when I push it open it makes a loud "sproinggggg" sound.

Thanks for your web site and your videos. This is a project that can make a home owner feel productive!

Now I'm off to order some more pivot shoes and spring balances!
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yes, it sounds like that balance might have to be replaced. Try playing around with the tension, first. You can see in that video how we wind the balance to gain tension. That may do it for you. If not, tell me the diameter and length of your metal tube, I can suggest a likely SWISCO part number.
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