Replacing an ACME 4014X-000 sliding door top guide

A home owner from Germany says:
I intend to add 2 sliding doors to my existing walk-in closet.
The doors are made of metal frame.
I have two of them in reserve, built out of another closet. But, unfortunately, the top guide does not fit to the other sliding doors.
The top guide, that I actually need, is made by "ACME".
The product-number seems to be 4014X-000 (at least this is printed in the black plastic attachment - for details see the attached images).
Can I use your product "23-222" instead of the original ACME-product?
Length and width seem to be suitable (2-7/8" and 2-1/4"). But I can not gather the depth from your product description. Is it about 1-2/5"?

And is it possible to replace only some rubber wheels? This would be appropriate for the worn-out guides of some of my existing sliding doors ...

I hope, you can help me. My search here in Germany was absolutely unsuccesful ...
user submitted photo of closet roller
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Mike from SWISCO responded:

Good Afternoon,

The 23-222 is used to replace a few different rollers used by various door manufacturers and ACME is one of them. Unfortunately I cannot say for sure if the 23-222 can replace the ACME 4014X-000. I see a few other numbers and stamps on the back of the roller in your picture but I cannot make them out. I may be able to cross reference one of them if you can respond in a post the different numbers stamped on the back of the guide.

Your door guide looks very similar to our 23-222 but I am not sure if the differently shaped wheels will make a difference or not. I took a new picture of the 23-222 and measured different points of depth because I was not sure which one you are looking for. Let me know if you need any other additional dimensions.

Alternate view displaying the depth of the 23-222 mirror door guide.
Note: 23-222 has been discontinued. See replacement part 23-222B for a subsitute.
A home owner from Germany says:
Thank you for your response. The measured depth of 1-1/2" is exactly the one I asked for. The differently shaped wheels will very probably not make any difference - for they are only responsible for keeping the door properly in the track (which is 1-1/2" of width).

Besides: The other numbers stamped on the back of the guide are the patent-numbers of the U.S. (37500337) an of the U.K. (1430882).
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Note: 23-222 has been discontinued. See replacement part 23-222B for a subsitute.
A landlord from Neprune Beach says:

We need to replace an original Acme sliding door part # 4010. U.S. PAT 3750337. Would part 4014X-000 work?

Thank you,

A customer submitted image of their closet door guide.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Brad. Actually, looking at your image here, I think our 23-044 might be a closet match. Let me know if you agree.
A landlord from Neptune Beach says:
Awesome!I agree, part # 23-044 is what we need!

Thank you,

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