SImonton window replacement part

A home owner from Simpsonville SC says:
I was hoping to find a replacement part for my windows. I did not purchase the windows, but the information is in the photo sent: Simonton windows. I need multiple left and right tracks (?) in order for the windows to open properly. I have about 10 windows that are non-functioning because of the slide mechanism-either off track or the window will not stay up.
Can you help with this?

Stephanie C
User submitted photos of a coil balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello, Stephanie. Looks like your coil balances need replacing. I can help you, but first I will need to see pictures of the pivot shoe. That will help us pinpoint what kind of system it is you're using. If you can also provide the thickness and width of the pivot shoe, that would be a huge help.
A home owner from Simpsonville, SC says:
What is the pivot shoe and how do I get pictures of it? Is it the part that allows the window to open inward for cleaning the outside? Do I need to take the window apart to get proper pictures and measurements of that part? Thank you for your help
User submitted photo of their pivot shoe.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yes! That picture shows the pivot shoe, but only a portion. If possible, I'd like to see it removed. At the very least, I would need to see it with the sash removed. Check out these videos for some extra help.
A home owner from Simpsonville SC says:
I was too worried that if I removed it now, the window would not close, or I would not be able to get it back in for the window to close. They are wedged in really well and even with a hammer are hard to budge up and down. I was hoping these pictures and measurements might be enough?

0.5 inch deep
1.0 inch height
1.5 inches width

If this is not enough I will have someone else help me try to remove them

User submitted photo of their window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks, Stephanie! I think I can work with this picture. It appears that your shoe resembles our 15-191. Check it out and see if you agree. This shoe also works with our Series 160 coil springs, so I think that can work for you as well. Again, just make sure to double check your dimensions. Also be sure to match the number on the coil to the Series 160 selection, as well.

As for why the pivot shoe won't budge, check to make sure it's not still locked, or that something isn't obstructing its movement.
A home owner from Simpsonville SC says:
If I were to replace this on a window on both sides, I need to buy pivot shoe for left and right sides of window, how many coil springs? and a particular weight class? Also is a coil spring and coil balance two different things? do i need new balance supports? of so which ones?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
No, these parts do not come in left or right. They can work for either side. A coil spring and coil balance are the same thing, those are just different terms. You use the same number of coil springs that you have now. The goal here is to replace your hardware with exact matches to what you have. There is a particular weight class, which you can match up by looking at the number printed on your current spring. You do not need new balance supports if you can reuse your old ones.
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