Select proper snap-in AND get instructions to size the glass

A handy person from Hamden, Connecticut says:


I like to put new glass into some old aluminum SEAL-RIGHT storms.

The picture "Storm 1" shows a cross section of the old snap-in, where the

associated dimensions are in drawing "Storm Seal-Rite 6...".

As for measuring up the glass, I watch the video which instructed to measure the length between the insides through which the glass passes, see black arrow on the remaining picture, and subtract 1/16". However, it was not clear if the 1/16 had to be subtracted from both sides (so 1/8 total) or just from one.

Thank You, Jacques 

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Hi there- thanks for reaching out! 

Could I have the dimensions of the finger latch? The rubber glass spline seems to match our 59-067 universal spline. 

A handy person from Hamden, Connecticut says:
Hi. The dimensions of the finger latch are overall (both parts) 3.527. The longer latch part is 2.269. The height is 0.582. You can see it in the photo I sent before

Besides the snap-in issue, I hope you can address my question about how to measure the glass correctly.

Thank you.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

I'm afraid I still cannot determine what latch you have. I've related a few different possible replacements to this page. You'll have to remove the original in order to determine which, if any, will work for you. 

On glass size, back when I did glass repairs for storm sashes, I would lay the glass on the sash cut and drop it right into the frame. You do want somewhat of a tight fit. 1/16" of play does sound correct. On a typical storm sash they don't give you too much of a lip for the glass to lay in. You should also use some type of adhesive on the frame to secure the glass. Talk to a hardware store or glass shop in your are to see what type they suggest.

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