Selecting best sweep

A handy person from Western Nw York says:
Hi ... I see so many advertised door sweeps but I don't understand what makes a good, better and best version. What features make the best:

- number of fins?
- fins vs bulbs? fins combined with bulbs?
- brush type vs bulb/fin type?
- relationship (shape)or contact to threshold?
- stiffness, thickness, flexibility of the material?

Can you tell me the best air sealer design for windy and cold weather:
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
To be honest, most of our door sweeps more or less work the same. There really isn't a "best" version. They all perform the same job equally well. The reason we have so many is because of the different methods of installation. This is the key to determining what door sweep is best for you. Does yours push in with a kerf? What is the spacing of the kerfs? How many are there? Or does it wrap around the bottom of the door like the 58-176? Every door manufacturer uses a different installation method.
A quick learner says:
OK ... thanks ....then I will have to take the door off as the current sweep seems to be mounted under door without visible fasteners. The sweep fins are torn and bent, and not very stiff. The door is not expensive and its metal so I suspect the sweep is screwed into the base

This door is in in the NW corner where tis windy and snowy. I thingk I should do several things to back it up:

- a new sweep
- corner pads as the top and bottom (feel air and see light through the corners)
- an adjustable threshold stop
- compression, over center latches
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