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A home owner from Canton, MA says:
I'm not sure of the manufacturer of these older windows but the windows are still good except for the fact that one of the feet at the bottom of the sash that fits into the tensioner snapped. Is it possible to replace the metal "foot" in the sash Instead of replacing the entire window? If not, are you able to determine the brand of window based on the hardware shown? Perhaps I can just replace one sash?
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Michael from SWISCO responded:

Thank you for submitting your inquiry to our discussion board.

Based on your pictures, it looks like you have either our 26-164 or 26-416 pivot bars.

You will need to remove your current bars from the window, compare the dimensions, and see if one of these replacement options can work for you.

A home owner from Canton, MA says:
Hi Michael,
Thanks for your response. Just knowing that there are replacement parts is encouraging. I'd rather do that than replace the entire sash or window.

If they're not too expensive, I might just order both sets and find out which fits. Can you let me know the cost to order a set of each, how long it would take to receive them and how to replace them?

Thank you!!
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Michael from SWISCO responded:
All of our prices, including volume discounts are as listed on our website. 
You can choose your shipping options and calculate prices and delivery windows on line. After adding your items to the cart, simply enter your zip code and click the CALCULATE SHIPPING button.
Below is a video that should help get you started on how to remove and replace the pivot bars.
A home owner from Canton, MA says:
I ordered both sets. I should be good to go. Thanks for your help!
A quick learner from Watertown, MA says:
I have a similar window structure to the one pictured in the original post. Unlike the video, the screws securing the pivot bar are not exposed, on my sashes.

What is the recommended way to remove the pivot bars (either for replacement or simply identification?). It SEEMS like I could cut/dremel away some of the vinyl covering up the screws, but that also seems like a pretty extreme path that I wouldn't want to start down unless there was no other option.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

There has to be some way to expose the screws holding the pivot bar in. Some sashes have a long vinyl cap running along the bottom that you need to snap off beforehand. Try to see if that's the case for you, as well.

If not, then I don't know what you need to do. I've never seen a sash where the pivot bar screws weren't easily accessible. If that's how your window is, then it's very bad design. You should contact the original manufacturer to see what they recommend. There may be some special method that we aren't aware of.

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