Special application for bullet catch

A handy person from Blue Mountain area, PA says:
I am wondering whether I could use just the bullet portion of this product in a custom-designed cabinet.

The striker portion seems much too high for my use. It appears to be at least 1/4 inch or more which would create too much of a gap, esthetically-speaking. The clearance between latching surfaces (door edge-to-frame) can be no more than 1/8 inch.

I was figuring I could drill a hole directly in the hardwood frame to receive the bullet instead of installing the striker, chamfering the inside of the hole to readily accept and discharge the bullet in the manner that the striker does. Wearing of the wood could become an issue, though and I know of no striker designs that can be mounted even with the receiving surface as I need it to be. I also am considering installing a plain small brass plate recessed to the surface level drilled with a suitable hole size in an attempt to minimize the eventual wearing issue.

Any thoughts or recommendations? In any event, thank you for reading my inquiry.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Yes, I think this could work. If you where to drill a hole into the wood for the keeper you could wear out the wood on the cabinet where the latch catches. I wonder if you could recess the strike plate into your cabinet. Also take a look at our 10-057 and see if that strike plate would work better.
A handy person from Blue Mountain area, PA says:
Actually, the strike plate from the 057 may work except I would need to cut off or over-bend the current edge portion due to an interference issue that would prevent adjacent doors from closing fully. The 057 latch itself won't work, though.

Only the 053 can be mounted due to the thickness of the doors, 1/2" hardwood. The 7/8" barrel of the 057 wouldn't even work with cabinet doors redesigned with 3/4' stock. I suspect the 057 product was designed to be used with a much thicker access door, probably 1-1/4" or thicker panel. In this wall-mounted cabinet, there is a weight consideration due to the size of the cabinet and how well a wall surface will suspend it.

Also, the 053 bullet seems (as best I can tell from the image furnished) to project a bit farther that the 057 ball, which is an advantage in securing the doors.

The stock of the strike surface is also currently designed with 1/2" hardwood so it looks like (again, per the image) the 053 strike collar would need to be set too deep for the wood thickness used.

Is the bullet portion of 10-053 (i.e. the part that is spring loaded and projects into the striker hole) METAL or metallic-coated plastic? It appears from the image the bullet barrel itself is plastic.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Yes, the 10-053 is small in size. The metal "barrel" which holds the spring is made of metal, not plastic.
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