Spiral Rod Connection to Sash Different than Video - No Bracket

A home owner from orlando area says:
I have uploaded pics of my aluminum framed window's channel that shows the slots into which the spiral rod connects. The connector for the spiral rod end appears to be permanently attached to the outer edge of the sash. What is the correct way to install new balances in this case?

I have measured the cylinder portion of the balance and conformed that it is 28 inches, and you can see it has a red tip, which is consistent with the weight of the sash. Do you carry replacement balances of this size?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for writing in your question. The replacement balance we strongly believe you need is our S500-28 red tip. You are correct on the bottom sash bracket, the 17-043. It is permanently attached to the inside of the sash channel. Below is a generic instructions on how to replace the Series 500 balance. Please review them and let us know if you have any further questions.

In replacing these, you will need some help,because you have a non removable window sash. First raise the sash up, and while someone is holding it up, hook the charging tool, the 75-005, to the bottom hole of the spiral and unhook the balance from the sash clip. Do the same on the other side, the lower sash, and unscrew the balance at the top and remove them. Now drop the new balances from the top behind the sash and screw it at the top. Raise the sash and while someone is holding it up, bring the spiral up to the sash clip. Hook on the tool in the bottom hole and turn the spiral clockwise about three or four turns. You will feel the tension building in the balance. From there,  hook the balance to the clip. You would do the same for the other side. Once that's completed, try out the sash. If it is not holding the sash up,raise the sash and give it another turn or two.

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