THERMAL-GARD pivot shoes

A quick learner from Linden NJ says:
I have Thermal-Gard windows which are probably 30 years old. I need to replace the PIVOT SHOES on a bunch of them. This is what I found.

Customer image of the Thermal-gard pivot shoes.
The measurements are virtually identical to your 15-070 except there is no "cam section" thickness listed on your photo. Also, on the one I have there is a tiny "angle/key" cutout in the cam on the lower left corner that matches the notch on the pivot par.

When the cam "slot" is horizontal (as in photo) the window is in its normal every day "in use" position. When you flip the window down and in for cleaning the cam "slot" would go vertical and the window will not slide up/down.

Also note the "notch/key" in the cam slot. This matches with the notch on the pivot bar. It only fits one way.

Other then the "notch" in the cam (can't tell if yours has one or not) and the front to back thickness of the cam (which is not shown on your page) it looks like 15-070 except my cam is neither green or black. It looks white.

Please advise if 15-070 is what I need.

Thank you.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I took two more pictures of the 15-070 pivot shoe to help you compare your pivot shoe to the 15-070. The first picture shows an up-close shot of the front of the 15-070 shoe so that you can see the 'notch' in the cam slot. The second picture displays the profile of the 15-070 pivot shoe. The thickness of the 'cam section' of the 15-070 is also 3/4", shown in the second image. The difference of the color of the cam between your pivot shoe and the 15-070 pivot shoe should not be a problem. Let me know if you would like any other additional dimensions.
Close up view of the front of the 15-070 pivot shoe.
Profile view of the 15-070 pivot shoe.
A quick learner says:
You folks are great. You're service to the customer is beyond amazing. You go way above and beyond what any other company I have ever dealt with, either internet or local would ever do! Thank you so very much for your help. Ed
A quick learner from Linden NJ says:
I've just received spiral balances and pivot LOCK SHOES (15-070) from you for my OLD Thermal Gard windows. I assume there is no specific LEFT/RIGHT pivot LOCK SHOE because your description doesn't mention a left or right pivot LOCK and the ones I received are all the same..

Anyway I already had about a dozen pieces each of both the left and right side Pivot bars lying around for almost 30 years. But after trying to install them it into the pivot lock shoe it seems they are not correct and I might need to replace them (I see you have them Product Code: 26-356). The ones I have LOOK IDENTICAL to yours BUT:

The problem I am having is when I go to put the PIVOT BAR into the pivot lock shoes, the "key"(cam) on ONE PIVOT LOCK SHOE has to be reversed (I can't seem to be able to do that) and causes the window to lock on one side and slide on the other. They can only go into the window itself 1-way and I am sure the lock shoes are correct.

Attached is a photo of the pair of pivot BARS that I have. Note that the "key" on both metal pieces are the same so when they go into the window one side key doesn't match up with the pivot LOCK shoe. If I flip the pivot lock shoe so that they do match when I push the window back up one side pivot-lock locks and the other pivot lock UNLOCKS side unlocks and the window won't slide. It seems the problem is both my pivot BARS are keyed identical.
Customer image of their pivot bar.
Are your PIVOT BARS (26-356) keyed in reverse when looking at them from the front or are they keyed the same as mine are in the picture? Or am I simply doing something wrong so as not to get the "one side locks one side slides" when i flip up the window?

I keep spending and spending on small orders (the freight is killing me) and seem to be getting nowhere fast. I'm trying to get just one sash on one window working before I order for the other 3 but this simple project is fighting me.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The 15-070 pivot lock shoe is neutral, so it can be used on the right or left side of the window. I personally pulled one of the shoes from stock and tested it and it does indeed work from either side.

Yes, our 26-356 pivot bars are keyed the same as your pivot bars in the picture.

You do not have to reverse the cam (you could not reverse it anyways) to have the pivot lock shoe work on both sides of the window. The only thing I can think of why the shoe would not lock on one side is maybe because your pivot bar may be worn down and is spinning in the shoe (but I think this is unlikely the case).

Have you tried switching the sides of the window the pivot lock shoe is installed? I am curious if after you switched the sides, if the side of your window that would not lock previously would switch sides along with the shoe.
A quick learner from Linden NJ says:
Paul, thanks again for the reply. I honestly have no idea what I did but eventually I got it working on my first "test" window. It's not perfect because using the charger on the new balances isn't as easy as it would seem to be. The pins on the new balances keep coming out of the charger when turning it but eventually I did get it "good enough" that finally I have a top and bottom sash that stays closed or opened. I also found some confusion in your "how to adjust spiral balance" directions. It seems to me your instructions are reversed. Instructions read: "If sash is dropping, add tension by rotating rod clockwise." I found that in order to "tighten" the balances (put more tension on the spring when you pull DOWN on it) so the sash doesn't drop when the window is opened I have to tighten it COUNTER-clockwise. If I turn it clockwise the spiral just gets looser and eventually comes out. Maybe my clocks aren't very wise and just run backwards. :)

Anyway, thanks again for your assistance. Now I'm going to order the parts for the next window. At least I know what I need now. I wish I lived a little closer to you where I could just pick the stuff up. I'm about 95 miles north of you on the turnpike.

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