Thermal Gard All-Season Parts Questions

A home owner from USA says:

Good morning, I"m working on restoring some very very old Thermal Gard Windows and had a few questions before ordering.

  1. See Photos Good Foot Broken Foot or Pivot Bar Set. Will your 26-356 bar below fit mine?
  2. Each window inside sash on outer base has a vinyl gasket for sealing at base. See photos for gasket. Do you sell anything like this?
  3. On wool wither stripping I have the base width, should I calculate any wear and tear factor

On the height of wool. It appears the wool strip for vertical and horizontal are 1/4" wide at base, 3/8" high or tall. Does that sound about right for this type of window? Should I add anything for wear and tear?

Is it common for all windows of the same brand to have the same width and height of wool on all channels?

I'm working on 8 windows and will try two first to be sure I can get them to work. If all goes well I'll be back for parts of the other 6.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thumbnail of the uploaded file named Foot Lenght 1 of 3 Foot Photos0288.JPG
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named Foot Width 0289.JPG
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named Broken Off Foot See Foot Photos Size 0281.JPG
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named Outside seal bottom sash 0283.JPG
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named Wool Weather Strip 0286.jpg
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for contacting us. Regarding our 26-356, our design matches yours very closely. I can't quite make out your precise measurements from your ruler but they look pretty on par with ours. As long as the dimensions are the same I think that this will work for you.

I'm less confident about the gasket and wool pile. I can tell you that the dimensions you gave me for the wool pile don't sound accurate. I know yours are in poor condition, so they'll be hard to measure, but see if you have any sample in any of your windows that might still be in good condition. I tried searching for what wool pile Thermal Gard used and I had no luck. It seems that they used generic pile for their windows, like most manufacturers. You could have anything. The only way to know for sure is to get very precise measurements of the base and height, which will only be possible with an intact sample.

The same goes for the gasket. If it's possible, I'd like you to remove a small sample of this and shoe me a photo of the end profile. I'll also need the size of the end profile, just like what you gave us for the wool pile.

Hopefully we can point you in the right direction with that information.

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