Trying to ID Balances and Finger Pulls

A home owner from Avon Indiana says:
Can you help me get these replacement party?
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named AB7CA66F-A6D2-4415-B81E-38EC20AC368D.jpeg
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named F8D545AF-471B-4A5D-8E89-74E17A0FC5F9.jpeg
Thumbnail of the uploaded file named 556627FC-F34E-4E59-9C06-5D07494EEBE7.jpeg
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Hello and thanks for contacting SWISCO. I can help you with both parts. 

Channel Balance

Based on the characteristic nylon attachments this looks like either our Series 380 or Series 385 channel balances. The only difference between these two Series is the 'depth' of the bottom nylon shoe. With the Series 380 the depth of this nylon shoe is 1", whereas with the Series 385 it is 1-3/32". Compare with your own and see what is best.

You will need to measure the length of the metal channel, not including the nylon attachments, to determine the balance length you must select. Also, is there a stamped number somewhere on the metal channel? You must select this stamp option so your balance supports a certain weight range. Let us know if you have trouble locating this, or feel free to take a picture of it to confirm what stamp option you need to select. 

Handle Pull

This one is a little trickier. Do you know if your window is an older seasonal, Thermal Guard window? If so they are no longer business. You may need to get a little inventive to replace this pull. Your best bet is cover up the hole with a metal plate and to use a type of screw on handle like our 20-010. Just make sure you don't drill into the glass. You could find such a metal plate at a local hardware store.

A home owner from Avon Indiana says:
Thanks Bob.
I'll order the series 385 for the 27".
I just need to get the get the right option for the weight. The stamp mark on the balance says 26 4 FP Caldwell. I weighed the sash and on a cheap scale it looks like 18 pounds. Should I get the 2630 or 2640 option?

Thanks again.
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Bob from SWISCO responded:

Based on the sash weight alone, in theory you should go with the 2630 (13 through 19 lbs). The question is why the original installers of the window chose the 2640 (19 through 26 lbs); frankly, sometimes the wrong stamp options get used in building windows because they were the only parts the builders had to work with. Happens all the time. 

Has your sash ever felt hard to close? If your balances have been too strong for your window sash this whole time, you would likely have more trouble closing the window than you should otherwise due to the extra spring resistance. This would support that the 2630 is probably the better choice. Furthermore, if you are confident in the measurement of your sash's weight, then consider the 2630. If your window has worked fine all these years though, then stick with the 2640.

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