Vinyl Window ID

A home owner from Maryland says:
The Bar Code on the label had the following numbers printed above it: 076452175100
The other sticker info Included:
CLR: White CL Grid: 1HC x 2v
WID: 29 5/16 35 1/4 x 61 5/8
HGT 27 7/16 BOT 052
DTE: 01/13/2003 100
SO. 01572877
MOD: 410 SH:01
SEQ: 00373
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry, but I'm not able to use this information to identify anything. What exactly are you looking for? If you need a replacement part, please take a picture of the hardware in question and we will do our best to find a match.
A home owner from Maryland says:
I was hoping to identify the manufacturer to price a replacement sash but that seems unlikely now.

I guess the next step is to take the sash out and to a glass shop that can replace the broken glass. But this window does not come out easily as in the case of other windows I've worked with. I'm used to being able to lower the window, lift up one side and pull out, then lift up and out the other side. This one feels as though it is attached to the spiral "weight spring" balancing system and I feel like if I take any screws out of it, that balancer will shoot up with force and out of a position that would allow me to see how to reinstall the repaired window. Any tips on that? Thanks
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see. If the glass is all that's broken, then taking the sash in to a glass shop is definitely the way to go. It's likely more economic than replacing the sash itself, at least.

If you can show me a couple pictures of the sash itself, we could come up with a way to replace it. There is a type of sash that isn't made to be removed, but they are typically aluminum, not vinyl, and usually pretty old.

There is a risk of the balance shooting up like you describe. I would avoid that unless there are absolutely no other possibilities left.
A home owner from Maryland says:
Thanks for your reply. I've attached window images with the hope they may show you enough to tell me if the sash can be removed and if so, how it might be done. My only idea for keeping the balancer from launching off is to lock them down with Vise-Grip pliers or something similar. Again, thank you for your assistance.

User submitted image of their window hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Great, thanks! Yes, you should definitely be able to remove the sash. Once it's out, you can take it in to a local glass shop.

Your windows actually have a part installed that keeps the balances from shooting up: the pivot lock shoe. This is the small rectangular white part that your balance spiral attaches to near the bottom of the sash. When you tilt the window in, this shoe locks into the jamb, holding in place. Watch the video below, I think this should help clear things up.
A quick learner from Maryland says:

Thanks so much for all your help. I'll definitely remember the site!
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
My pleasure! We'll always be here if you need anything else in the future.
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