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A quick learner from Florida says:
I have a Spring Balance with stam 30 D S 40
I'm very mechanically inclined and an electrical contractor.
It is 31" metal to metal The shoe (bottom) is 1/2" wide about 15/16 - 1" from curve to the front flanf and the front flange is 15/16" also
The track is 9/16 to 5/8 Closer to 9/16" widetop shoe 1" wide.

I made need to replace most of them in the house. However, there is no "Take Out Clip". If there is, it is below the lower window. It is single hung, non tilt impact window. There is a small screw on top of the lower sash

I researched replacing the balance springs and would appear easy enough, except that I cannot get to the take out clips. I was told there is a tool to assist loosen the tension before removing the screw on top?? I'll attach pictures.

I want to replace them all. Alsom the felt peices that came in the tracks when we first purchased them all got stuck down when the window was raised. Wife ended up cutting alot of them out. I want to make these work smooth for her
A customer submitted image of their window channel balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I think this is a Pan Am window. I also believe the balance resembles our S377-31, though with that spring it will have to be custom made. Check out this Custom Channel Balance Request Form that I've started for you and fill out the rest of the information. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly thereafter with a price quote and item to add to your cart.

As for the top sash guides, see our 18-042. I also think the take out clip would be our 16-023. See if you can move this take out clip further up the window channel, or two squares holes where it would snap into.
A quick learner from florida says:
Thank you for the post. My channels do NOT have take out clips nor square holes for them.

We will be replacing all of the balances soon. I was told that I can install a self tapping screw about ten inches above the window to act a a take out clip.

The window that I need balances for quickly has the makings 30 DS 35 (It is a smaller (Narrower) window that the spare balance that i I took pictures of above.

I will attempt to order now. IS the self tapping screw an OK idea for take out?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Sure! Using a screw to as a temporary take out clip is a common method. It's odd that your windows don't come with holes for take-out clips, though. How did the builders expect you to repair the window?
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