re: cox 21-767 and top roller

A contractor from Vancouver,Canada says:
Hi Question one: I see several replies from Swisco for the above match which is confusing me... For cox 21-767 swisco has 23-070 and another swisco Mirror Wardrobe Door Roller, Convex Product Code: 23-081 ... so is the 23-070 replaces cox 21-767 and also the swisco 23-081 ?

Question two: I also need the top track roller is has a black plastic protrusion that just glides along the top track , thanks yonge wong
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. The difference between these two rollers is that the 23-070 has a concave wheel while the 23-081 has a convex wheel. What does your roller have?

The top guide might be our 23-082, but I can't be sure. I would need to see a picture of it in order to know what you have.
A quick learner from Vancouver canada says:
thanks for reply... my 21-767 or 21-717 cox has a roller that has a ridge into the roller...

also the on your search when I type in the cox numbers it shows swisco 23-070

as the the top bracket its a black protusion with a lock plate that fits into the top mirror socket

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Don't worry about the Cox number for now. We've narrowed it down to either the 23-070 or 23-081. From now on, you should concentrate on the style of your existing roller as compared to these two.

From what you've described with the ridge, it sounds like the wheel is convex, like the 23-081. Can you confirm?

I'm still not sure what guide you have. How well does it match our 23-082? Do the dimensions and style match? The color is not important.
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