tilt window - lower sash won't close --> broken shoe

A quick learner from Rochester Hills, MI says:
I noticed yesterday that one of my window was not closing properly. This is how I realize that a part was broken...
I'm not sure about the spiral balance tube itself (still good or not), but the shoe is broken
Is there a way you can identify which part I would have to order to replace it, based on the pictures? Or what other information I should try to give your to identify that part?
By the way, I don't know the window brand...
User submitted photo of their window hardware.
A quick learner from Rochester Hills, MI says:
I did check again tonight....
1) the pivot lock shoe is not broken. Only the metallic part that goes on top of it
2) I do not see any sash stop on my window. Does that mean if I want to replace the lock shoe, I will have to cut the track on the upper part, and it will be visible (will be hidden by the blinds though)?
3) Should I replace both sides (spiral balance tubes and shoes?)
4) There is no colored tip on my spiral balance. The diameter is 9/16" for sure
5) How do I measure the length exactly (from where to where)?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. I'm afraid that metal piece cannot be replaced by itself, so you will need a new pivot shoe. Could you give me the thickness and width of the shoe in question? As for removal, we have two methods if you have no cut out. You can see our videos on each.
A quick learner from Rochester Hills says:
I checked on your website, and it seems ref 15-188 is very similar and could be a replacement....I will mesure more accurately the depth of the window track, and also the height of the pivot shoe. To measure exactly the width though, I will have to take it out I guess
I have no cutout, and on top of it I do not see any sash window stop at the top of the track
I don't really want to purchase the tool to spread the track, but since I have blinds, the cut out would be hidden. I could even try to place a sash stop to hide the cutout....Do you sell some that snap into the slot of the track?
Like I also said, there is no colored tip on the spiral balancers. They are 9/16" diameter though. And they are in between 33" and 34" long (something like 33" 3/4)
Should I order shorter (33") or longuer (34")?
Should I weight the sash and tell you to see if I need a red tip or a black one?
A quick learner from Rochester Hills says:
I have now all the measurements:
-) tube length WITHOUT colored tip: 33"7/8
-) on the other tube, there is a yellow tip
-) diameter is 9/16"
-) Sash weight = 22.3 Lbs
-) Track depth = 9/16"
-) Lock pivot shoe height = 2" 1/8
-) Track width = 1"1/4
Can you confirm exactly what I would have to order?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! If the tube length is 33-7/8", I would go with 34". That would mean our S600-34 spiral balance for tilt windows. For a sash of 22.3 pounds, go with the Red Tip spring strength option.

Going with the dimensions of your pivot shoe and what I can see of it in the track, our 15-188 may be a good match. It appears similar in style and matches your measurements. See what you think.
A quick learner from Rochester Hills - MI says:
Yes, they seem to be the right one
Before I order spiral tubes and pivot shoes, I told you that my windows don
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry, your question got cut off. What did you need to know concerning your windows?
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