What part is causing the problem?

A quick learner from USA says:
here is my problem. i have 40 year old metal bi-fold doors in all the closets. they are bolted together so they swing open like a regular door, so i don't use the pins on the mating edge of the doors, only the outside edge.

on one door only, i can use the slot on the bottom pin and raise the door so it opens without sticking, but, after a period of time, it is back where it was and stuck! funny thing is that a lot of the pins do not have that locking piece 21-154. any idea why it keeps dropping?

how can i be sure that the parts below are the ones i would use - got this from your video

21-007, 21-001, 21-154

i have attached photos of top and bottom of the door with a problem
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Ah, it does look like you have the older model of Slimfold door. If your bottom threaded pin is 5/16", you might just need the 21-154 rod clamp to keep the pin from unwinding, or you can buy a new pivot pin, 21-001. Your top spring loaded pivot pin looks fine, but if you want to replace it, look and compare 21-065 as a replacement.

A handy person from MA says:
back again. i watched the installation video. the doors look just like mine but...

talking just the pins for the top and bottom on the hinge side only - should they be the same size except for the slot on the bottom one?

for the top - since i have plenty of pins, i see 21-156 and 21-252. what is the number for the cap?

for the bottom, i will order the 21-001 since none of the pins i have include the slot for the screwdriver

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Paul from SWISCO responded:

HI, welcome back! The nylon cap for the 21-001 is 21-106 and for the 21-007 it is the 21-105. Hope this helps.

A handy person from MA says:
i am still trying to determine if the pins on the top 21-007 with the spring and bottom 21-001 are the same thickness, like mine seem to be???
as it turns out, with all the pins i have, none of them have slots for adjusting so i will have to order all new 21-001'>21-001.
for the top, i have plenty of pins but they look thicker than the 21-007 photo you sent me and you can compare to the photo i sent you. need help to determine if i need the 21-007'>21-007 or 21-065 style.
since i have pins, once you determine which top style i need, can you then tell me what parts i need to order to add to the pin.

thank you for your patience
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

In your photo (#160021) that shows the bottom adjusting pin, you can make out a slot cut in the top for the screwdriver. The thickness of our 21-001, 21-065 and the nylon sleeve on the 21-007 spring loaded guide pins are all 5/16" in diameter. You do need the slot for adjusting the bottom adjusting pin, but you don't need a slot for the top pivot pin and the two guide pins. The spring keeps the tension on the pins in the track.

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