what would cause this silverline window to close uneven ?- defective upper or lower hinge

A home owner from nj says:
this window never closed properly , so i replaced the window channel balance - that didnt help.

now, i am wondering if its related to the hinges - but which hinge - Top or Bottom
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this window. I see in the past you purchased a custom made 1320 14" long Channel Balance with a 19-008 top and 15-025 bottom. However, you did not purchase the other side. If you're using a new balance and old balance together, that could account for why it's still uneven. However, I also see you ordered an S385-26. This balance isn't meant to work on your window. If you installed that on your current window, it would likely not work properly. Can you confirm what balances you have currently in this window?

A home owner from nj says:
the custom made channel balance is for a smaller window at is working perfectly fine.

as for the S385-26 channel balance that channel balance doesn't fit and after I forced it into place & forced the window to close, the channel balance sprang loose and cracked the lower hinge

I replaced the hinge and installed an old channel balance in its place - I used a 2520z channel balance with 19-008 top - window works fine

The window that doesnt close correctly has the following channel balances:
left side ( hinge side) channel balance 2540z with 19.008 top
right side channel balance is 2520 z with 19.008 top and 15.025 bottom
plus a new upper hinge was installed

when i remove both balances the window easily closes & opens

I would like to understand why the window closes incorrectly when the channel balance are installed - this only happens to this window

I am thinking of purchaseing & installing channel balance 2520z with 19.008 top to resolve this situation

what are your suggestions?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Ah, okay! Thanks for clarifying. I think the reason the window isn't operating properly is that the balance springs are just seized up. This can sometimes happen when springs are old or corroded. Since the window operates properly without the balances, the solution would be to simply replace them, like you said.

Based on the information you gave, you'd have a 26" long 2540 balance with a 19-008 top and no shoe for the hinge side, and for the opposite side you'd want a 26" long 2530 balance with both a 19-008 top and 15-025 bottom. I know you said 2520, but I feel like that's too light compared to the first stamp of 2540. You don't want the deviation between the two sides to be that big. 

If that sounds good to you, then we can custom make these. Let me know how many of each you need and we can email you a special order link.

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