How to install the 32-064 cafe door hinges

This installation guide explains how to install the SWISCO 32-064 Two Door Gravity Pivot Cafe Door Hinge Assembly.

Step 1
Attach top and bottom door plates, making certain they are centered in the door. Locate the distance A in the chart below (A according to door thickness). This will provide the proper swing clearance at B. Insert the screw in the center of the slotted hole of the bottom door plate.
Step 2
Mount the bottom jamb bracket.
Step 3
Place the door on the bottom pivot with the door closed. Slip the top jamb bracket over the pint of the door bracket, then mark and mount top jamb bracket plumb with the bottom jamb bracket. Space C must be no less than 3/8" for the door to swing properly.
Step 4
Align the door by adjusting the screw in the bottom of the door plate.
Note: A swinging clearance of no less than 1/8" between doors is required.
Door ThicknessDistance ADistance B
32-064 installation diagram
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