How to install the 80-006 sliding glass door security bar

  1. Close and lock the sliding glass door.

  2. Place the hinge bracket (B) against the side of the sliding door frame with the clamp up and the aluminum tube in a horizontal position. Mark the aluminum tube to the proper width. Saw the tube 1/8" shorter than your mark to make room for the black nylon cap (A). Note: This device will be ineffective if you cut the aluminum tube too short.

  3. Hold the hinge bracket to the sliding door frame making sure that the hinge bracket is vertically centered but low enough to allow the aluminum tube to be swung up into an upright storing position. (See Figure 1).

  4. Drill (2) holes using a 1/8" drill bit and secure the hinge bracket (B) to the frame with the included #8 x 1/2" sheet metal screws. (See Figure 2).

  5. After the hinge bracket (B) is securely in place, position the black nylon bracket (C) so that the aluminum tube will be level when in the locked position. (See Figure 3). Drill (2) 1/8" holes and secure the black nylon bracket (C) with the included #8 x 1/2" sheet metal screws. WARNING: be careful not to drill too deep to prevent the drill bit from hitting the glass

  6. Install the cap (A).

  7. You should not be able to move the sliding panel after the 80-006 security bar is installed.

  8. The security bar includes a key to prevent the bar from being raised from the outside by wire devices or by small children from the inside. To Use: Insert the key into the slot of the black nylon bracket (C) and give the key a half turn to lock it in place. When the security bar is not in use, the key can hang down out of the way. (See Figure 3).
Note: if the sliding panel is on the outside and the screen is on the inside, of if both panels slide, it is necessary to install the included angled bracket on. See Figure 5 and 6).
How to install the 80-006 sliding glass door security bar
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