How to replace the pre-701 and 701 Pella patio door roller

  1. Remove the vent panel by lifting on the panel while pulling outward slightly on the bottom. If the sliding door is equipped with a retaining angle, the rubber bumpers and handles must be removed so that the panel can be placed in the full open position. In this position the retainer angle may be removed. See picture below showing the retaining angle.
    View of the retaining angle on the Pella patio glass sliding door.
  2. On models prior to Pella 701, remove the plastic protectors in the adjusting holes and remove the adjusting screw before attempting to pull out the roller assembly.
    Pella model pre-701 and 701 patio door rollers.
    The roller assembly may be easily pulled out with the aid of a wire loop and claw hammer as shown in the picture below
    Photo of the Pella roller assembly being removed using a wire loop and a hammer.
    If the glass door does not slide smoothly after replacing the rollers, you may need to adjust the rollers to raise the door clear of the track. Adjust the rollers up or down to make sure the edge of the movable door is parallel to the side of the door frame. Use a long-shaft Phillips screwdriver to adjust the rollers. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to raise the end of the door, and turn counterclockwise to lower it.
    Photo of adjusting the rollers on a patio glass door.