A quick learner from Anaheim, CA says:
What is the appropriate replacement balancing spring please? Metal portion of shaft is 33" and width is 1/2". Sash weight is 27 pounds. If I went with the option where it's rated 28-32 pounds does that mean a higher spring tension will make it easier to lift yet harder to close? These windows have always been a bit difficult to lift.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. I'm afraid I cannot use this information to identify your Series. I recommend that you look at our Channel Balance Home Page and follow the steps in order to find the Series that best matches what you have.

As for the option, seeing as how your sash weighs 27 pounds I recommend our 3240 option. You don't want the spring to be too strong, or it will not work properly.
A quick learner says:
Looks like the 385-33 option. Can you go based on the stamping? (32 4 JR CALDWELL). Or do you need pictures?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
The stamp only tells us how strong the spring strength is. The only way we can know is by looking at pictures, yes, but even then you will still have to carefully measure the size of your nylon attachments (especially the shoe) and compare what you get to our hardware.
A home owner from Anaheim, CA says:
Here are specifics:

1. Width of top plastic shoe (flange parts, back side) just under 1" - from the front it is the same width as the channel

2. Height of top plastic shoe 1 5/8" - total height including piece that extends into the metal body

3. Prominence of top plastic shoe above the metal body 3/4"

4. Width of plastic shoe (foot) including tabs/flanges is just under 1" (from the back, spring side)

5. Height of plastic shoe at front (non-spring side) is 1 1/8"

6. Prominence of plastic shoe below the bottom of the metal is about 1/4"

Hope that helps
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
These dimensions are a little different than ours. I'm not entirely sure what you consider to be the top of the shoe, the sides, etc. I think it's better if you look at the dimensions we show for the 15-004, which is the shoe that comes with the Series 385 balance, and see how well it compares to yours. If it's a match, then you've found your balance!
Detail of 15-004
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