380 Series window balance ???

A handy person from Lake Placid, FL says:
Have some questions on the 380 series 29" length. I have Eleven Harcar windows approx age 24 years. Current balance channels are "hemmed" construction. Yours don't appear to be "hemmed", any problem there?

Stamp on side of channel is 29 1 A I. What is the corresponding weight stamp for that marking.

Windows are hard to slide up and down and the shoe and tops were winged but noticing a lot of wings on either top or bottom or both are broken off. Also windows sometimes cant off center and bind. I assume this is what is giving me the problem. I debating on getting the whole channel replacements or just the tops, shoes and rivets. Block and tackle mechanisms work but could probably be lubricated better (where do I lubricate? Cord, pulleys and springs or what? should the outside of the channel also be lubricated as it slides up and down along with the sash right?)

Somewhere along the line someone prior to me replaced two channels that apparently were the wrong pieces as one has no wings either top or bottom and the other does have them but again broken. One is stamped 2920 and the other 2940. Those pieces are not the "hemmed" construction.

Just for reference 7 of the single hung sashes are approx. 30" wide and 4 are approx. 22" wide, all same height for the 29 channels, single pane glass with 9 lite dividers, aluminum.

In addition - more than just the wings are broken off the shoes, most are missing the section that would engege the window bottom also.

Any help for both options most appreciated.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Tom. I'll go through your questions one by one.

First, no, there shouldn't be a problem with the fact that your metal channel is hemmed. As for the option, usually a stamp of 29 1 corresponds to our 2910 option, but you should weigh your sash just to make sure that's correct by referencing the weight rating chart for the S380-29.

It sounds like your balances are pretty old, especially if you're having trouble raising and lowering the sash. You should replace the whole balance.

For these balances stamped 2920 and 2940, you should definitely weigh the sash to see what strength options you need. Again, you can reference the weight rating chart for the S380-29. Again, the hemmed edges don't matter.
A handy person from Lake Placid, FL says:
I replied to the above with additional questions on Friday with no answer. I want to keep my costs down because the house is on the market for sale. I would like to get some detailed information on lubricating the old block and tackle balances so I can then just buy the tops, shoes and rivets from you and save some $$$.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Tom. You can use a silicone-based spray to help lubricate, but that may not be enough. Sometimes balance springs just get old, and all the lubrication in the world won't help.

If you want to try replacing the attachments anyway, then for the Series 380 I recommend our 19-005 top and 15-005 bottom. I also recommend the 62-005 rivet. Make sure to watch the video below to see the proper method on how to replace your balance.
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