Adding completely new hardware to an old casement window

A home owner from Toronto says:

I have old manually operated wooden windows. I would like to add a complete set of new, casement hardware. Do you sell a complete kit, or do I have to buy all the necessary pieces separately?

Do you recommend a single arm, or dual arm?

When I attach any such system to my window, do I have to worry about how far from the window hinge I am (is it important to place the hardware in a super specific location)?

Since my windows are old and flexible, do you have any lock/latch that has a longer reach to the keeper than others?


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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I don't exactly know what your casement window looks like., so it's hard to say. I'll be honest with you, installing new hardware on an old style push-out window is not for the faint of heart. You might want to have a professional do the rehab for you.

As for the hardware you need, there are many possibilities. To start out, take a look at our 39-020 and 39-021 wood window cranks, 39-027E and 39-028E ellipse style operators, 39-268 wood casement window operator and the old school 39-077 casement window adjuster. Look this hardware over and see what you think.

Concerning the sash locks, I would install two on each casement window; one toward the top and one toward the bottom of each sash. When installing any of this kind of hardware you will need to retro fit the wood trim to accept the operators and locks.
A quick learner from Toronto says:

My plan is to select hardware, install, then build trim around it.

I cant decide whether to attempt a casement operator, as you suggest like 39-020 or 39-027E (white!), or whether to go with a simpler push operator like 39-042.

For example is the placement of either hardware critical to the effective operation. I don't know whether a rotating operator like39-020 needs to be placed a very specific location relative to the sash hinge pivot point for it to work (eg a factory installed solution) or whether I can screw it into the sill more or less anywhere. Same with a push bar.


User submitted a photo of a window.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I wouldn't say you can install the hardware anywhere, but since this is a custom project you won't be able to follow the factory-approved rulebook, either. Things won't be exact but I think you'll still be okay. You will just have to use your best judgement, in this case. For the window pictured, an operator like our 39-020, would be installed closer to the right side.
A contractor from Los Angeles says:

How did your retrofit work? I have a client in need of outswing casement windows behind a screen. I will be building the sashes to replace the louvers that had put in years ago. I've built and installed lots of in-swing casements but haven't had to deal with out-swing hardware before.

T O'Neill
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