Balance replacement, and plastic stopper

A quick learner from Oakland, CA says:
I found that one of my balances had fallen out. I then looked up online on how to remove it in the hopes of installing it in correctly again. However, I found that a few of the plastic pulley wheels in the balance assembly and a plastic bracket/stopper thing that was screwed into the window frame had broken.

I also tried identifying the type of balance, but I'm not sure if it's a 380 series or 385 series from the pictures on your website. I do know that the metal part of the balance assembly is 24 in.

Attached are a bunch of pictures of the balance assembly with closeups of the end pieces. These pictures were taken on my floor, which made a lighter background.

Attached is also a picture of the unbroken plastic bracket/stopper thing of the pair that was screwed into the window frame. This picture was taken on a box, which made a darker background.

Could you please identify what I need for a replacement? I really hope that you have them.

I have a number of other pictures of the pieces, but it looks like this webform only takes 5 pictures. If you can't tell from the picture, I send more of the pictures over email or another webform submission.

Thanks for your help, and I hope to hear from you soon. -Noel
A customer submitted photo of channel balance attachments.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! Before I can offer an applicable replacement for this channel balance, I just need to know a bit more information about the bottom attachment. Please take a look at our 15-004 and 15-005 channel balance shoes, and note their depths. As you can see, they are 1-3/32" deep and 1" deep, respectively. Which one more closely matches your own bottom attachment?

The other part you're looking for is what's called a Top Sash Guide. To start, please browse through that selection and see if you can find a match. If not, we will need to know your top sash guide's dimensions.
A quick learner from Oakland, CA says:
The 15-004 channel balance shoe looks like a match.

As for the top sash guide, I didn't see an exact match. The piece that I have is 2-1/2 in. long with a screw hole at around 3/4 in. It is 5/8 in. wide and 9/16 in. tall. The top "cube" portion of guide is 1/2 in.

The closest top sash guides that you have on the website that I found was 18-008 and 18-065. My piece is plastic and has the 9/16 in. height of the 18-008. However, the length of the component and the length to the screw hole is closer to the 18-065, but the 18-065 is made of a different material.

I'm guessing that 18-008 might work, but I'm worried about the dimensions that are not an exact match:
* "length" of cube portion (mine: 1/2 in., 18-008, 13/16 in.)
overall length of component (2 in., 2-3/16 in.),
* length to screw hole (3/4 in., 1-5/16 in.)
Do these dimenstions matter?

Thanks for all your help.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your continued patience in this matter. So far, we have been unable to find an exact replacement for that top sash guide. After extensive research, we have determined that our best option would be the 18-008. However, depending on which screw hole you use to install it, it could either stick up above your sash or below the sash a little bit either way. Do you think you can still use it?

As for the channel balance, I'd recommend the S385-24.
A quick learner from Oakland, CA says:
Sounds good. I think that having the balance stick out a little is ok.

I was about to order the S385-24, but I saw that there were "options" for when I order. Are these the stamp options? If so, It looks like my stamp is "23 5". Should I get a 2310 option?

Thanks again.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm glad to hear that will work out! As for your option, I'd actually go with the 2350 option, based on your stamp. This can support a window sash weight range of 24 through 27 pounds. Does your sash weight fall within that range?
A quick learner from Oakland, CA says:
I just weighed the sash. It's 23 pounds. Which option should I choose? Should I still go with the 2350 option?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I would still go with 2350, since that was what your balance was stamped with before, and 23 pounds is very close to being within its weight range. I do not think it will make that much of a difference.
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