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A quick learner from Morrison, Co says:
I have a FULL-VU closet door composed of two bi-panel elements. To repair it I started to document each element:
top pivot 5/16"
top glide 1/4"
bottom pivot 5/16"
bottom glide 1/4"
A very wise decision as there appeared to be only simple pins and such. Actually each of the four locations, above, are different.

I mention this because I compared my door with your replacement kits and some discrepancies are confounding me which is why I am writing. Let me compare your kits with my door. NOTEABLE your pin lengths are 5-1/4" and mine are 4-1/4".

What I found on my door:

1) Top Pivot (you have no kit nor any unthreaded pins of 5/16" diameter.)
The part number 21-014 should be identified as a glide as the pin has a head whereas pivots have no heads and your 21-014 is 1/4" not 5/16".

My door has:
headless 5/16" pin - Headed will NOT work....well maybe it would BUT poorly.
two 5/16" nylinders (for 5/16" pin)
one spring
one cotter pin keeper

2) Top Glide (your kit number 21-058)
My door has:
Nylon glide - in kit
4-1/4" x 1/4" pin with 5/16" head - 5-1/4" x 1/4" with 5/16" head in kit
2 1/4" nylinders - not in kit
1 spring - in kit
1 cotter pin keeper - in kit
3) Bottom Pivot (your kit number 21-048 **a perfect kit**)
My door has:
4-3/4" x 5/16" headless pin, half threaded - 4-3/4 x 5/16" included in kit
1 5/16" nylinders - 1 included it kit
1 threaded keeper - 1 included in kit
1 nut - 1 included in kit
4) Bottom Glide (your kit number 21-049)
My door has
4-1/4 x 1/4" headed pin - your kit has 5-1/4" x 1/4" headed pin
1 nylon glide - one in kit
2 (1/4") nylinders - only one in kit

I made an ASSUMPTION that a 5-1/4 was suitable replacement for 4-1/4 but maybe not. Did you mislabel actual 4-1/4" as 5-1/4"?

Bifold door pins
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Don't be concerned with the length of the bi-fold door pins. It's the thickness that is more important. Your first observation on the 5/16 top pivot pin is correct, that was a discontinued part that is no longer available. Hopefully, you have the pin and are just missing the 21-151 nylinder and 21-158 cotter pin. On the 21-058, the manufacturer eliminated the 21-150 nylinder. You can purchase them separately, if this is what you need. We did check, though, and the bi-fold pins are 5-1/4" long. As well, thank you for bringing up the 21-014 description. We will look into it.
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