Broken coil replacement

A home owner from USA says:
I have a bathroom window, 25 in wide by 17 in high that the coils on each side have snapped leaving part of the coil on the top part (not sure what it's called) and the other half still connected to the boot. Only thing I see stamped on it is either a 6 or a 9? The coil looks like the one pictured on your 190 series. After doing math on your site, i come out with 5.79. Does that mean I order 2 6# coils?

Also after watching numerous videos I don't understand that when I put the new coil on the boot how does that ultimately also connect to the upper piece. It just shows the boot with the new coil screwed on it and putting it back in the track but I'm pretty certain it has to connect to the upper section so the coil unwinds as the window opens and closes?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated, with explicit instructions please.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! Yes, I think our S190-640 coil spring sounds like the best choice for you.

As for installing the balance, did you watch our video? It shows clearly how a typical coil balance is installed. The spring itself is usually held in by a clip or housing. In the case of your balance, I believe it would be our 15-186. See the video below for more information.
A home owner from horseheads, ny says:
Yes, I've watched the video. When looking at one of my other windows I can see the metal coil stretches at the back of the track and can see it looking straight on. When watching your video I don't see the metal coil stretched at all and I'm assuming it is behind the front portion of the track? On my support piece there are 2 pegs as well as 2 screws to remove it and when I removed it one of the pegs has a plastic bushing on. Do I place the coil on the lower peg and put the bushing back on the upper peg? I beleive I'm confused because the coil was snapped and half was on the upper support and the other half was on the boot.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yes, you need to put the coil in that bushing and clip and then install it back where it was before, as shown in the video. The coil stretches and contracts as the window is operated.
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