Noisy replacement channel balances

A handy person from Colorado says:
I just replaced my channel balances in a non-tilt window. I ordered the parts based on the stamped number. The window now makes a zippered spring metal noise when I open or close the window. What is going on?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. You may not have the right channel balance Series installed in your window. You see, stamp numbers are not identification numbers; they are merely indicative of the balance's strength. They do not correspond to any of our existing Series, directly.

The best way for us to ot help you identify the correct replacement hardware for your window is for you to take a few pictures of your original balances for us to look at.

If you do, please make sure you take a picture of the attachments on both ends of your balance, as well as the stamp number. The attachments will help us identify your Series.

Also, be sure to include the length of the metal channel itself. Do not include the plastic attachments in your measurements.
A handy person from Colorado says:
Hi Tom - This is in response to my noisy new channel balances. I had ordered from SWISCO 2640 and 27 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. The sash weighed in at 19.8 pounds.

The original balance had 26 4 KQ CALDWELL on it and is also 27 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

I have attached pictures of the ends for both. The SWISCO is on the bottom of the photo.
A customer submitted photo of channel balance attachments.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! These do appear to be similar, but I can note one major difference right off the bat. Please examine the two bottom shoes and compare them to our 15-004 and 15-005 channel balance shoes. The dimensions you're matching here is the depth. As you can see, the two shoes I've mentioned are 1-3/32" deep and 1" deep, respectively. Which one more closely matches your original bottom attachment?

Just to play it safe, I'd also like to know the weight of your window sash. While your balance is marked 26 4, which corresponds to your 2640, I think it's best that we investigate the weight of your sash just in case.
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