PGT single hung windows top sash guide help

A quick learner from USA says:

I have PGT single hung windows PGT part number SH-4000

On 3-4 windows in my house the top sash guide "cap" has broken,
in a couple of instances the spring loaded channel balance is now protruding all the way up.

my questions are:

Do I need a special spring winder or something to push that spring loaded balance back down?

Is it a simple process of removing the sash, pushing the spring loaded balance back down and then replacing the sash guide "cap" at the top? am I missing something else that I will need to replace? to do a complete repair.

Also on your website I'm not sure what products I will need:

1. PGT Top Sash Guide
Product Code: 18-015


2. 5/8" Top Sash Guide
Product Code: 18-009

Please let me know which products I will need to fix these windows and what the part numbers are on your website so that I can order them.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
This is a problem when top sash carriers break. The balances travels up past the sash.

First, do you have a take-out-clip (like 16-002 ) toward the top side channel of your window? This is the clip which helps you remove the sash. What you need to do is to try and push or pull down each balance and keep it down while raising up the sash. This is what the 16-002 is used for. So pull down each balance below the clip, pop out the clip and slowly allow the balance to rest up against it.

Now with the balances resting under the take-out-clips, raise the window sash up and over the balances. Push sash to one side and remove the sash like you would normally when you need to clean or repair the glass.
Be careful while doing this because the balance is under pressure and it can spring up like a projectile. Remember safety first and wear eye protection.

When all is done, send us some photos and dimensions of the parts you need identified, we would be happy to research them.
A quick learner from Englewood Florida says:
Yes I have the take out clip. I need to know what part number I need to order for the new guide/cap

is it:

1. PGT Top Sash Guide
Product Code: 18-015


2. 5/8" Top Sash Guide
Product Code: 18-009

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I honestly don't know. I would need to see pictures of your top sash guide removed from the window in order to confirm. I will also need detailed dimensions.
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