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A home owner from Costa Mesa, CA says:

I purchased a home twelve years ago from Standard Pacific. The windows in the home are Pacific Windows. I have a window that's arched on top. The window is 38" wide and 64" high. The bottom window is 29 1/2" high. The top window is solid and cannot move up and down.

The right channel balance broke. I opened the window and the channel sled up with the window. The window became wedged and could not move. I preyed the window shut, but the channel balance remained up and leaned against the arched edge. I tried to push it down but it would not move. I tried using a hammer and it still would not budge. I purchased some silicone spray and used it on the channel balance and the edge of the window. That did the trick. I was able to slide the channel balance back down again. I tried to hold down the channel balance and open the window. I could open the window three inches.

I determined the width of the channel balance is half inch. I watched the video you posted and that helped me understand what was wrong and that it may be an easy fix. I'm just not sure how to proceed with an arched window. Is there a different technique when you have an arch at the top? How do I keep the channel down, while lifting the window up? I printed out the twelve different channel balances/series to determine which one will fit in my window. Do I take the window apart, find the number, then put it back together again and order the part.

I was thinking if this was too difficult I could hire a handyman to help me. I thought it would save me money and a second repair visit if I had the part when the handyman arrived to repair the window. Sometimes it takes weeks to get a good handyman to come back and finish the job. If possible, I prefer to repair the window myself. I feel a since of pride when I accomplish a task myself.

I would appreciate your advice regarding my broken window.

Thank you,

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Trina. I think we can help. Now, I don't think the arch at the top will mean anything, so for now let's not worry about that. Let's just concentrate on getting those balances out of the window.

When you watched out video, did you notice that the channel balances had to catch the take-out clip (16-002) before they were removed? You will have to do this if you want to remove the sash and balances. Push the balance down by hand and hold it in place while someone pops your take-out clip, then gently raise the balance under it. From there, you can raise the sash to disengage it from the window. If you don't have a take-out clip, you can install a screw as a temporary measure.

Once you remove the balances, though, you won't find a part number that will tell you what the Series is. The only part number printed on a balance is the option, which just tells you how strong the spring is. The only way to identify the Series is to match up the nylon guides on either end to each Series in our catalog. To make things easier, you can simply take pictures of these nylon attachments and upload them here for us to see. Watch the video below for more information.
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