Replacement part for Alenco Window Channel Balance 2740

A quick learner from Austin Texas says:
Hi, I am looking to pick up a couple Alenco Windows channel balances (number 2740). The steel measures 28" and it is about 1 more inch for the other plastic parts.

Can you tell me what part to order (with all the plastic parts and spring, etc included).


User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Doug. I'm not sure what you have. Could I see a few pictures of the top attachment, as well? That will allow me to figure out what Series this balance is. Thanks!
A quick learner from Austin says:
Hi, I am sorry, I am not clear on the picture you are looking for. Can you be very specific. Is this for the window frame somewhere or a specific part of the channel balance. Is there a model number for the window somewhere I can pass on?

thanks much.
A quick learner from Austin says:
Hi, I just looked inside the window and it says:

Series 3710/3710F
MST: 4080

If that helps. thanks.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
The part in question is on the channel balance itself. Your pictures above show the bottom attachment from two angles, but I still need to see the top attachment, as well. It's just on the opposite end of the metal channel.
A quick learner from Austin says:
ah, ok. Got it. Here they are. Thanks.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Those photos are perfect. I need your help figuring out what exactly the bottom shoe is on your old balance. Check out our 15-001 and 15-002 and tell me which is a closer match.
Comparison of <a href='Channel-Balance-Shoe/pd/Replacement-Sash-Support-Channel-Balance-Shoes/15-001'>15-001</a> & 15-002
A quick learner from Austin says:
Hi, OK. I think I have everything. Can you get me an estimate and I will determine how many (might get an extra or so).

So per your questions, it looks to be part # 15-001 (which has the 1 1/8th width).

Here are the measurements:

Rod (metal) length: 28"

Winged piece (top):
Length: 1 1/4th"
wing width: 1"
Non wing width: 1/2"

Non winged piece (bottom) part #15-001 :
Length: 1 1/8th" (like picture)
width: 1/2"
Length of teeth part: 1"

Thanks very much.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Perfect! Thank you. The balance you need is the S395-28 with the 2740 option.
A home owner from Austin, TX says:
Hi Swisco,

I'm also located in Austin, TX, and it looks like my windows are a lot like the ones belonging to the "Quick Learner" who started this thread.

I too am in need of a replacement channel balance. However, my dimensions seem slightly different. Here's a data dump:

Channel stamp:
The two channel balances in the window have different values, but they look interchangeable. Maybe one was replaced by the prior owner.
1st one: 2790 31 (this is the broken one)
2nd one: 2740

Rod (metal) length: 28"

Winged Piece:
Length: 1 1/4" (from wings to tip)
Length: 1 3/4" (from end-to-end, including the part that's inside the channel)
Wing width: 15/16"
Non-wing width: 1/2"

Non-Winged Piece:
Length: 1"
Depth: 1 1/16" (This is the 1 1/8" dimension in the 15-001 diagram)
Width: 1/2" (or slightly narrower)

Part numbers (these are all printed on the label):
ANSI/AAMA 101-88
Series: 3710/3710F
MST: 4080

Is this enough info to create a quote and work order?


-Windowless in Texas
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hello! Your information is very helpful. Based on your info, you have our Series 395 channel balance. Same as the user above.

The only thing I'm unsure about is how both balances have a different stamp. They should be the same. I think you're correct in guessing that one was replaced in the past. I recommend looking at the S395-28 store page and referencing the chart we show under the product description. This chart shows each stamp and how much weight they can support. All you need to do is weigh your own sash and look at the chart to determine which option is correct.
A quick learner from Austin, TX says:

Thanks for the link :) This looks almost right... except for one thing.

The Balance Shoe on our windows is in between the size of the ones you offer. The 15-001 is 1+1/8" deep, the 15-002 is 1" deep but mine is 1+1/16" deep. Do you have a part that's matches the size of ours? If not, do you think we would be better off with the larger one or the smaller one?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
We don't have anything in that size, but I think it's like yours was once 1-1/8" and simply wore down over time. This is pretty common.
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