Replacement roto caesment operator

A home owner from Rhode Island says:
I need to replace the operators on a few of my casement windows. I've attached pictures of the current operator, which says 'roto' on the bottom. I can't find the exact match, but my research looks like 39-091, 39-224, & 39-557 are what I would need. Is that correct? Is there anything specific I should measure first to ensure it would fit?

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

We have replaced your older style Roto operator with the parts you just described and the replacement worked well. However you would also need a certain type of sash bracket which is now discontinued. We are planning to do more field research on replacing these Roto operators. I was thinking of using one of the operators currently in our store, but I'm not sure which will be best until I actually try it out in a window. For instance, one possibility that could work for you are the Roto operators, 39-326 or 39-329, with the sash bracket 39-553 or 39-554. Another possibility is the Truth hardware 39-172 with the offset arm. I've also considered the 39-316 with detach clip, along with the sash bracket 39-508. In any event, you will need the handle 39-114L or fold down handle 39-205. Not sure if you will need the 39-557 spacer to raise up the operator base, but you will need to drill new holes into it.

A home owner from Rhode Island says:
Thanks for the advice, Dave.

Here's a few more photos of the operator fully removed. It looks like you might be correct about the 39-326 with the sash bracket. The 'pivot' spot on the arm looks to be in a different position, but the overall arm length looks to be the same. The L bracket sash clip on the current operator doesn't look to be removable, so it couldn't be reused.

With those images and measurements, which do you think would be the best bet out of those 3 options?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for getting back to us. I'm afraid I couldn't find a closer match to this operator. I can't really predict which of the three I recommended would be best, either. Theoretically any of them can work, but no matter what you go with it will require no small measure of adaptation. You'll likely need to cut the sill trim to fit the new style base. Because of this, it's one of those things that you kind of have to play around with to know whether or not it will work. Even then we cannot guarantee any of these options will work. I'm sorry I cannot narrow it down further.

A home owner from Rhode Island says:
No worries Dave, you've been a great help so far. I had ordered a Roto X Drive Split Arm operator from another vendor before getting your initial response, and have since ordered the Truth Dyad Operator 39-316 & 39-508 bracket from Swisco, and it seems like the Dyad will be able to make work. Like you said, the Roto X Drive would require cutting the sill frame to fit, where the Dyad is able to squeeze in the existing hole.

Do you carry a sash bracket similar to the 39-508, but bent at a 90 degree angle to wrap around the lower corner of the window (similar to the attached picture), that would work with the Dyad and detach clip? One at a 90 degree angle might work slightly better than the straight one if it's available.

And a shot in the dark, while the Dyad will work, it is not as wide as the previous operator, leaving a gap on both sides (pic attached). While I know there isn't an official part, do you have any thoughts of what could go in between the operator and sill to cover that gap? My initial though was cutting out a piece of 1/8" sheet vinyl, but wasn't sure if this is a problem you've seen before and may have a more elegant solution to.

Thanks again, I'll be ordering 7 more operators soon!
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

Hello again! I've been looking everywhere but I just haven't been able to find a bracket that works like how you describe. All of our brackets attach to either the underside of a sash or the side that faces inside the house. I just couldn't find anything like yours. You may want to check a local hardware store and see if they have a piece of metal angled like this that you could drill holes in. That's my first thought, anyway. I'm sorry we couldn't find anything closer!

As for that gap, you could cut a piece of vinyl to size. That's probably the way to go, though installing it could be a hassle. You could also see i f you can get a hold of felt weatherseal of some kind that could cover the cap. Maybe something like our 39-303 gasket; this specific part probably won't work in your case, but you may be able to cut felt material in a similar way. See what you think.

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