Spiral balance with hookoed tip

A handy person from Seattle, WA says:
Need replacement parts for an aluminum non tilt, insulated single hung window, circa 1985, manufactured in Seattle. OD of round spring assembly is 7/16"; overall length of black assembly is 26"; spiral extension, straight, is 1"; 90 deg extension is 17/16". Attaches to window by fitting into a groove. Actual spring width is .20". Clearance between OD of window frame and inside of window slider channel is approximately 7/16" so a 9/16" OD spring will not fit.

Window channel width is 9/16"; and opens within the channel to approximately 1". Top of spring is attached to frame using sheet metal screw. Window slider can not be removed from window frame (not enough side-to-side clearance)
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I actually don't recognize this balance. I've never seen a spiral that ends like that. Do you think you could use something like our Series 500 with a 17-012 bracket?
A quick learner from Seattle, WA says:
I have the following concerns:

*The series 500 spring assembly is 9/16" diameter. My measurements indicate that it will be a tight fit between the slider and the window casing.

*Is there a twisting action on the balance spring? The springs I currently have want to "unwind" just like the twisted rubber band propelled balsa wood airplanes. The current bracket fits into a groove on the bottom of the window which is approximately 0.20" If your spring "twists" the bracket will spin out.

Do you have a 7/16" spring assembly with a similar bracket? Is there sufficient strength in the bracket where I could reduce its width to 0.20"?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Unfortunately, we don't have any spiral balances that come with a 7/16" diameter. That's not standard anywhere, as far as I know. 3/8" and 9/16" are the two most used sizes. Are you sure yours is 7/16"? You might want to double check just in case.

The inside spiral does twist, yes. You can look at our guide below to see how out non-tilt balances operate.

As for the bracket, we also don't have anything like what you have. The 17-012 would just screw right to the bottom of the sash, though. It doesn't need to fit into any kind of opening. To be honest, we're not sure if this combination will work for you, but its our best guess considering we've never seen a balance like yours before.
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