Right Hand Crank Assembly - Casement Window dated 1966 - 1975

A home owner from 46032 says:
Looks like 39-255. (9-1/2") arm. Arm is marked 30350. On bottom plate slide mounted to window is marked 358-1R. Do you you have replacements. I need 2 each RH.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I usually see those numbers associated with our 39-014, but to be honest going by the numbers printed on the hardware itself isn't the most reliable method. Manufacturers change those numbers and what they mean all the time, so there's never a guarantee.

Your best bet is to compare your measurements and style to the information we have on our site. You said that the 39-255 is similar, so I would recommend carefully going over each dimension and seeing how well they match what you have. Also look at our 39-014, just in case. If yours differs in any way, let me know exactly how and we can work from there. Pictures of your operator would also put us on the right track.
A home owner from Indiana says:
Tom, After following your suggestion and measuring the assembly, 39-028 with the 9-1/2" arm is the correct assembly. The mounting holes are 3 inches although there are 2 more holes also at 1-5/8". The color would be dark bronze to match the wood color. I could not send photos for some reason my phone is not able to connect to my computer or send the photos.
Are these assembles available?

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Yes, the 39-028 is currently available. However, the 39-028 is an older style that is no longer made. You may want to instead consider the 39-028E, which is functionally identical in all ways to the 39-028. The only difference is the style of the base, which is rounded instead of squared.
A home owner from Indiana says:
Thanks Tom, I only need 2 right hand assemblies and the old style would match the windows better.
I will order the 39-028 at this time.
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