32DS 63L stamped balance question

A quick learner from sarasota, florida says:

hi there, so i need 2 replacement rods. the stamp on mine is also 32DS 63L. Do these also need to be custom ordered or if not, which stamp option do i go with?

fyi, its too vague to get a good pic of the stamp, but im 100% positive the stamp is indeed 32DS 63L

and as far as the series and top n shoe tips, it matches the series 395 with the top-19-005 and shoe-15-001

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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Hello! With a stamp of 32DS63L, your balance will have to be a special order, yes. That stamp indicates a very heavy spring that doesn't come standard.

Fortunately, we can definitely supply this. I'll email you an order link and price quote right now for 2 of these.

A quick learner from sarasota, florida says:
Hey Tom,so here is a picture of the stamp on these 2 rods, before I call the customer and let the customer know the quote and all that stuff, just want to make sure that we are talking about the right 1 as well as the right top n bottom guides as well, as that is a quite expensive balanced rod. let me know. Thanks
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A quick learner from sarasota, florida says:
hey tom,I just sent a message with pics attached a few minutes ago and forgot to mention a few potentially important things, so in regards to the same 2 rods needed, the 32DS 63L, I also removed and weighed the sash, it weighs between 55-60 lbs (hurricane impact glass/window)the sash is approx. 50" wide X 36" height (again, impact glass).Anyway, lmk, thanks Tom
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Hello! The stamp is definitely the same, though I'm glad you sent us a photo of the bottom nylon fitting. That is not the 15-001, since yours has wings. It's probably closer to our 15-004, which is 1-3/32" deep. I would double check that measurement just to be sure. Please let me know.

As for the stamp, your old one indicates a sash weight of 63 pounds. This is over the estimate you gave us. That said, as long as these current 32DS63L balances have been working fine all this time, then I wouldn't mess with success. The ones we're sending you will have the same stamp, after all, which means they carry the same weight.

However, if you think the old stamp was inaccurate in any way, then you should get an exact weight and tell me what it is. Estimates simply won't do for balances. You want to be as precise as possible, even down to the ounce.

Let me know! I'm happy to send you a new order link  to reflect any new information you give us.

A quick learner from Sarasota, florida says:
Okay, so my sash is reading exactly 64 lbs on my scale. I'm sure my scale could be the 1 lb. off.
And your correct on the winged tip part too. And mine is 1-3/32" deep, so yea, the bottom nylon fitting will be the 15-004. So can you send the 2 rods into my basket or can I pick it on the website?
Also, can u tell me what the DS part of the 32DS is and/or means here (for future reference). Please and thank you?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Perfect, I think everything adds up, then. I'll send you a new order link that adjusts the Series to reflect the proper combination of nylon fittings.

The "DS" in this instance stands for "Double Spring." What this means is that there is a smaller spring nested inside the visible spring, giving the whole assembly extra tension. This is sometimes necessary for heavy duty windows, which yours definitely is. 

I know it can be confusing, especially since some non-heavy duty balances have stamps ending in "D," "HD," and "D whatever else" depending on who manufactured it. That's just how this industry is sometimes. I often feel like my job is detective work more than it is than handy work, but what can you do? 

The good news is that it's fairly straight forward in your case . Your stamp is notably particular and only used in specific circumstances. So far the data matches the description perfectly. I have no reason to doubt we have the right configuration.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'm more than happy to assist you in any way that I can.

A quick learner from saarasota, florida says:
Hey Tom, this is Jesse again,I had to put this job on hold for this corona crap, but as a reminder, you had determined (in the above previous conversation we had) that i needed the above listed custom ordered balance rods for this 63 lb sash. So again, the stamp on the rods are 32DS 63L, how much are those each, so i can tell customer? Then hopefully he will approve and ill place the order?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Hello again, Jesse. That's totally understandable. I will email you another custom order link for the same quantity and size.

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