hooking up a spiral balance S400

A quick learner from tampa, florida says:
I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am having a difficult time with the spiral balance S400. I have non tilting windows. I can mount and load tension to the balance, but I am having a difficult time connecting the base of the balance to the window with the tool I purchased. I can't seem to connect the bottom of the balance to the window and then remove the tool. The tool seems to large to disconnect from the balance. The tool gets stuck up in the track of the window frame.. I don't seem to have enough room to disconnect the tool from the balance. Do you have a video that shows how to connect this? Or do you have some advise you can give me. I have 20 windows to work on. I worked unsuccessfully on one window for over an hour... A repair guy wants $60 a window to connect the balance..
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The bracket that attaches to the cross pin of the Series 400 balance should be near the bottom of the sash. Our 75-005 tool hook should only go up 1/2" at the most when attaching the balance to the bracket at the bottom of the sash.

To install the series 400 balance in a non tilt window, first make sure that the sash is in the closed position. Then, drop balance down from the top of the sash and screw the balance tube at the top of window track. Now, with some help, have someone hold the sash up while you use your finger to push spiral up to the bottom of the sash. Just before it goes behind the sash, hook your tool to the bottom hole of the balance, wind it three clockwise turns, slip it up, and engage it to the bracket. Then you just have to slip the tool off the balance.
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