need milgaurd balance

A contractor from Colorado Springs says:
Looking to buy entire balance. Can you please help us identify.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! Before I can offer an applicable replacement for this channel balance, I just need to know a bit more information about the bottom attachment. Please take a look at our 15-004 and 15-005 channel balance shoes, and note their depths. As you can see, they are 1-3/32" deep and 1" deep, respectively. Which one more closely matches your own bottom attachment?

That will help us identify just the Series, though. We will also need to know the length of the metal channel. Make sure that you're only measuring the metal channel--do not include the plastic attachments.

Finally, are there any stamps printed on the metal channel? If so, what do they read?
A contractor from colorado springs says:
The depth is 1 3/32. The actual metal strip length ( no plastic ) is 13 5/8. The stamp reads 13 2.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you. Are you sure that the metal channel is 13-5/8"? Usually balances like this end on the inch. If it is 13-5/8", though, could I see a closer picture of your bottom shoe? It may be something entirely different!
A contractor says:
Thanks for the response. It is 15" end to end. I have uploaded another couple pics. Let me know if you can make them out.
A customer submitted photo of a channel balance attachment.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for getting back to us. That makes things a lot clearer! I am sorry for the confusion. This balance is different than what I thought it was originally, and must be custom made.

Before we begin, however, I just need to confirm a few last things. First, and most importantly, there should be a metal clip at the end of the pulley string. Could I see a few pictures of it? I need to see what type of clip it is before I can recommend anything.

Lastly, now that I see what the bottom shoe is, your original measurement of the metal channel makes sense. These types of balances often end on the 5/8", so 13-5/8" is fine. When you say its 15" end to end, are you including the plastic attachments in your measurement?
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