How do I go about repairing the balances on my tilt window?

A handy person from Quincy, MA says:
this video is great.

I ordered the charging tool. I want to order 2 new spiral balances for the upper sash and 2 new pivot shoes. I have american craftsman silverline tilt vinyl windows.

How do I determine the spiral balance length and pivot shoes to order?

Also the video does not show how to remove and replace the pivot shoes. Can you explain how to do that or is there a video?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I'm glad our video was able to help you.

The figure out what spiral balance you need, take a look at our Spiral Balance Home Page and follow the steps from there.

As for the pivot shoe, you can also browse through our Pivot Lock Shoe Section and compare the dimensions and styles of the shoes shown to your own hardware. Alternatively, you can take a few pictures of your pivot shoe as fully removed from your window and upload them here for us to look at and identify, along with its exact dimensions.

We also have a tutorial video on how to best remove your pivot shoe. Take a look below.
A handy person from Boston, Ma says:
I can't get the spiral balance out of the pivot shoe - it feels stuck - i am using the SWICO charging tool.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. Is there any give at all? Do you think it is the spiral that's stuck, or is the pivot shoe just not allowing it to be released?

You may also want to see our tutorial video on the proper method of replacing a tilt window spiral balance.
A quick learner from boston says:
Hi Tom,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I am learning a lot about spiral balances. I think they need to be replaced. I have ordered new ones. Can't wait to use my charging tool.
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