Balance shoe for Milgard double-hung windows

A quick learner from San Francisco says:
The balance shoe on my windows appears to be worn out. The pin that seats into it keeps getting bent. I was able to remove the window, but now cannot replace it. Ideally I'd like to replace both the pin and the balance shoe. I think the channel balance itself is in good order. (I'm a newbie and I'm getting these terms from your web site, so feel free to correct me if you think I'm mistaken).

I've attached these photos:

- balance_shoe.jpg: This is the shoe that is worn. This is the main part I need.
- pin.jpg: The pin that screws into the window. I'd like to replace this since it's been bent.
- balance.jpg: Close-up of the inscription on the balance itself. Like I said I don't think I need to replace the balance.

The balance shoe is 2" by 1.25".

The inscription on the channel balance says "25 7 D150 CMC". (See photo). The channel balance is 26" long.

Do you have compatible parts?

Thank you in advance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for posting. I'm afraid this type of balance isn't made anymore, but we still may be able to help. Can you tell me the weight of your window sash? That will help us determine the best strength for the spring.

If you need the pivot shoe and pivot bar, as well, check out our 15-129 and 26-021, respectively.
A quick learner from San Francisco says:
Thanks for the reply Paul. The window itself is 23lbs. However, the balances themselves appear to be working fine; it's just the pivot shoe/bar that appear to be the problem.

15-129 definitely looks like it's the correct size. I'm not sure how I didn't find that on your site; I think I was looking for "balance shoes" rather than "pivot shoes".

However, I'm not sure if the pivot bar (26-021) is the correct one. The overall length matche (2 1/2"). But the distance between the centers of the two screw holes on mine is 9/16" rather than the 5/8 shown on the picture. I'm attaching a photo to show you what I mean. It's only a difference of 1/16", but I wanted to call that out. Are you sure that's the right one?
User submitted a photo of a pivot bar.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I see what you mean. I'm afraid we don't have a pivot bar that matches those dimensions exactly. However, I think the 26-021 may still be worth a shot. It could be close enough to work because there should be play between the sash and window frame.
A quick learner from San Francisco says:
Thanks; I ordered both and will give them a try.

For future reference (if I do need to replace the balance) what balance would be the right one?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I think you should consider our S770-26 with a 26D stamp option.
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